During the last 40 years more than 1300 Diploma Theses of undergraduate students were carried out at the Department of Transportation Planning and Engineering, covering all fields of the transportation engineering science.

List of Diploma Theses

Nr.TitleStudentCourseSupervisorDefense dateFile
1317Investigation of Airport Control Tower's Visibility Sarri AriadniTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeMar-24
1316Greek Airports Visibility CheckPapantoniou AlexandrosAirport Planning and ManagementLoizos AndreasMar-24
1315Design of the scheduling of electric bus charging in the means of transportMourati ElpidaPublic Transport PlanningGkiotsalitis KonstantinosMar-24
1314Development of a methodological approach for designing train speed trajectory diagrams for the Suburban Railway - Application on the Athens - Chalkida LineKoffas KonstantinosRailways EngineeringMoschovou TatianaMar-24
1313The Electric Vehicle Scheduling Problem for Buses in networks with multi-port charging stationsKoutsompina DiamantoPublic Transport PlanningGkiotsalitis KonstantinosMar-24
1312Influence of Dynamic Hydroplaning on the Selection of Critical Geometric Parameters of Road DesignKontizas AntoniosRoads Geometric DesignMavromatis StergiosMar-24
1311Model for the Assessment of Cycling Routes in Athens with High Resolution DataKanakis Aristeidis VasileiosTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeMar-24
1310Methods of categorizing sections of the urban network for use by cyclistsTheodoreskos KonstantinosTransportation Systems PlanningGkiotsalitis KonstantinosMar-24
1309Transport mode choice under the influence of extreme events on urban networksGeorgiou AlexisQuantitative Methods in TransportationVlahogianni EleniMar-24
1308The influence of the penetration of autonomous vehicles on road safetyAntonakaki AntoniaTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeMar-24
1307Exploring Athens preferences towards redistribution of public space and the promotion of sustainable urban mobilityAngelakis KonstantinosTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeMar-24
1306Investigating the Effects of Using Alternative Fuel Vehicles on Urban Road NetworksAvdulaj SidorelaAnalysis Methods in Traffic EngineeringVlahogianni EleniMar-24
1305Traffic Behaviour & Safety Analysis of Food Delivery RidersChoumis KonstantinosTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeOct-23
1304Investigation of the impact of eco-driving on fuel consumption using smartphone dataTriantafyllou AimiliaTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeOct-23
1303Preliminary study of the impact of electric vehicles on flexible pavementsStavroulakis Emmanouil - LeonidasDesign of Road and Airfield PavementsPlati ChristinaOct-23
1302Comparative analysis of road safety performance in the Regions of GreecePapagianni LydiaTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeOct-23
1301Parametric Investigation for the Acceptable Rainwater Runoff from a Road PavementBouzetou MalvinaRoads Geometric DesignMavromatis StergiosOct-23
1300Design Frame of International Race Stages with Emphasis on “SuperSpecial Stages”Leventis EleftheriosRoads Geometric DesignMavromatis StergiosOct-23
1299Comparative Evaluation of Road Safety Performance of the European Union CountriesKonstantopoulos PanagiotisTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeOct-23
1298Urban Arterial Traffic Volume Estimation Based on Travel Time with Use of Data Driven ModelsKonstantinidis ChristosTraffic FlowVlahogianni EleniOct-23
1297Investigation of eco-driving benefits at the rural network using driving simulatorKourenti PanagiotaTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeOct-23
1296Evaluation of options for reducing sulphur oxides emissions in the shipping industryKonti Maria AikateriniTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeOct-23
1295Modern view of Road Safety Audit and auditors’ viewpointKaimenakis PanagiotisAdvanced topics on Roads Geometric DesignSophia VardakiOct-23
1294Modeling the Interaction of Connected Autonomous Vehicles with Pedestrians Using Inverse Reinforcement LearningKarataraki MagdaliniAnalysis Methods in Traffic EngineeringVlahogianni EleniOct-23
1293Utilization of the International Roughness Index (IRI) to estimate the Pavement Condition Index (PCI) for asphalt airport pavements Ioana ElenaPavement Evaluation and MaintenancePlati ChristinaOct-23
1292Impact factors of children’s road safety in EuropeGeorgiou AlexiaTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeOct-23
1291Identification of Eco-Driving Profiles Using Real-World Driving Data and Fuel ConsumptionAthanasopoulou NataliaAnalysis Methods in Traffic EngineeringVlahogianni EleniOct-23
1290Research Analysis of the Adoption of Speed Limit Reduction on Highways in Greece from 130 kphAgourou ChristinaTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeOct-23
1289Correlation of crash risk with driver capacity in coping with driving tasks complexityusing machine learningTsigkos SpyrosTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeJul-23
1288Skid resistance investigation on rigid pavementsProvatari EleniPavement Evaluation and MaintenancePlati ChristinaJul-23
1287Concrete block pavements - analysis of construction and mechanical performancePistevou NikoletaAdvanced Topics on PavementsPlati ChristinaJul-23
1286Dynamic mixed traffic control with platooning in a freeway weaving section using reinforcement learningBithas AnastasiosAnalysis Methods in Traffic EngineeringVlahogianni EleniJul-23
1285Comparative analysis of equivalent axle load methods for flexible pavement designMalevizian Sarkis SotirisDesign of Road and Airfield PavementsPlati ChristinaJul-23
1284Fuel price impact on driver harsh behaviour improvement in GreeceKonstantakopoulou PanagiotaTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeJul-23
1283Indirect Evaluation of Flexible Pavement ModulusKatzilierakis Aris - StylianosPavement Evaluation and MaintenancePlati ChristinaJul-23
1282Method development of detecting and estimating congestion duration in urban traffic networksDemenegas StefanosAnalysis Methods in Traffic EngineeringVlahogianni EleniJul-23
1281 Optimization of scheduling maintenance works and crews in railway networksGkonou NikolettaTransportation Systems PlanningGkiotsalitis KonstantinosJul-23
1280Impact of road safety culture elements on road crash risk in GreeceVeneris NikolaosTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeJul-23
1279Dynamic traffic lane allocation on urban arterials using reinforcement learning methodsVakrinou KaterinaAnalysis Methods in Traffic EngineeringVlahogianni EleniJul-23
1278Economic assessment of free public transport in AthensVagdatli ChryssaTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeJul-23
1277Investigation of airfield pavement damage and aircraft landing feesAnastasopoulos LamprosPavement Evaluation and MaintenanceLoizos AndreasJul-23
1276Development of a methodology for estimating truck fuel consumptionPapadopoulou DanaiCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsGkiotsalitis KonstantinosMar-23
1275Development of a continuous approximation model about the transition of coach buses of "KTEL ATTIKIS" to EVs Blagidi Billa Konstantina MariaTransportation Systems PlanningKepaptsoglou KonstantinosMar-23
1274Analysis of the acceptance and cost benefit analysis of reducing the speed limit to 80 km/h on the interurban road network in GreeceMakrydakis KonstantinosTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeMar-23
1273Analysis of seatbelt and helmet use characteristics in GreeceLagonikakos NikolaosTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeMar-23
1272Investigating the influence of mobile phone use on driving behavior with machine learning analysis of imbalanced dataKaselouris Konstantinos EirinaiosTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeMar-23
1271Systematic review and meta-analysis of the ticket price elasticity for air-travel demandKattavenaki KaterinaIntegrated Project in Transportation EngineeringYannis GeorgeMar-23
1270Prediction of pavement roughness using neural networksAsoniti DimitraPavement Evaluation and MaintenancePlati ChristinaMar-23
1269Modelling of interactions between autonomous vehicles and pedestrians using advanced deep learning methodsTriantis DimitriosAnalysis Methods in Traffic EngineeringVlahogianni EleniOct-22
1268Investigation of transport demand during the period of the COVID-19 pandemic, in Greece, using statistical modelsTavoularis NikolaosQuantitative Methods in TransportationVlahogianni EleniOct-22
1267Exploring the willingness to use and pricing schemes of micromobility services in urban areasSorkou TheodoraPublic Transit PlanningKepaptsoglou KonstantinosOct-22
1266Impact analysis of gasoline price on traffic conditions in AthensPeithis StylianosTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeOct-22
1265Analysis of distraction characteristics due to mobile phone use in GreeceMerakou MarilenaTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeOct-22
1264Imbalanced learning analysis for driving behaviour prediction using naturalistic driving dataKostopoulos AntonisTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeOct-22
1263Passing path assessment, based on vehicle dynamic features utilizing data from field driving experiment and driving simulatorKofinis DimitriosRoads Geometric DesignMavromatis StergiosOct-22
1262Allocation of buses to depots: Development of an optimization model mixed integer linear programmingKarimali ErofiliPublic Transit PlanningKepaptsoglou KonstantinosOct-22
1261Evaluating the efficiency of Mediterranean container ports using Data
Envelopment Analysis (DEA) models
Kapetanakis DimitriosCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsKepaptsoglou KonstantinosOct-22
1260Impact of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) to the resilience of urban road networksKanavou MariaAnalysis Methods in Traffic EngineeringVlahogianni EleniOct-22
1259Necessity analysis of the free-flow right-turn bypass lane at single-lane roundaboutDimitriadou AndronikiRoads Geometric DesignMavromatis StergiosOct-22
1258Investigation of correlations between stuctural and surface condition indicators for flexible pavementsTsourapa Maria ZoiPavement Evaluation and MaintenancePlati ChristinaJul-22
1257Development of a methodology for estimating freight transport flows at national level by sea, rail and roadSyrgkani MariaTransportation Systems PlanningVlahogianni EleniJul-22
1256Cost benefit and acceptance analysis of reducing speed limits in Athens to 30km/hRoussou StylianiTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeJul-22
1255Comparative analysis of basic socioeconomic indicators effect on road crashes in Greek regionsPapadopoulos NikolaosTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeJul-22
1254Critical factors of pedestrians' selfdeclared behaviour and safety in GreeceNtontis AlexandrosTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeJul-22
1253Study of the properties of flexible pavement drainage layer with emphasis on its permeabilityDavou EvangeliaRoads ConstructionPlati ChristinaJul-22
1252Accessibility analysis of intercity bus line networkBairamis StavrosTransportation Systems PlanningBallis AthanasiosJul-22
1251Comparative evaluation of marshall and superpave asphalt mix design methodsMouzakis Polykarpos AlexandrosAdvanced Topics on PavementsPlati ChristinaJul-22
1250Development of a model for locating e-scooter chargersKyriakopoulos IoannisTransportation Systems PlanningKepaptsoglou KonstantinosJul-22
1249Analysis of speeding characteristics in GreeceKrouskos SpyridonTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeJul-22
1248Analysis of maritime trade between Mediterranean countries using panel dataKotofolos PanagiotisTransportation Systems PlanningVlahogianni EleniJul-22
1247Detection of dangerous driver behavior with widescale data from smart recording systems and machine learning techniquesKamvoussioras HectorTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeJul-22
1246Investigation of grain production, consumption and transportation between the regional units of the countryArvaniti EiriniTransportation Systems PlanningVlahogianni EleniJul-22
1245Assessment of the impact of asphalt mixtures performance on  the analysis of flexible pavementsFragkoulopoulos Sofoklis Vasileios Pavement Evaluation and MaintenanceLoizos AndreasMar-22
1244Development of passenger traffic forecasting models per bus lineYfanti AnastasiaQuantitative Methods in TransportationVlahogianni EleniMar-22
1243Time series forecasting analysis of asphalt pavement skid resistanceTsimplakos VyronPavement Evaluation and MaintenancePlati ChristinaMar-22
1242Impact of pandemic on national and international air transport demand at Athens international airport
Tsakoulis StamatiosIntegrated Project in Transportation EngineeringYannis GeorgeMar-22
1241The value of SUMPs in improving urban mobilitySynodinos AggelosQuantitative Methods in TransportationVlahogianni EleniMar-22
1240Comparative analysis of real and equivalent traffic in the context of evaluating the behavior of flexible roadsPatrianakou AnastasiaDesign of Road and Airfield PavementsPlati ChristinaMar-22
1239Investigation of visibility adequacy at tunnel entrance areas in three-dimensional road environment  Benisis KonstantinosRoads Geometric DesignMavromatis StergiosMar-22
1238Investigating the impact of tourism on residents' mobility patterns: The case of RhodesMorfopos NikolaosTransportation Systems PlanningKepaptsoglou KonstantinosMar-22
1237Comparative investigation of standardized methods of reporting airfield pavement strengthTheodoritsi AnastasiaPavement Evaluation and MaintenanceLoizos AndreasMar-22
1236Free public transport in AtticaGoulas EvangelosTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeMar-22
1235Identification of driver’s risky behavior level and duration with machine learning techniquesGarefalakis TheodorosTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeMar-22
1234Investigation of the trajectory of heavy vehicles at three-lane road junctionsAntonou NikolaosRoads Geometric DesignMavromatis StergiosMar-22
1233The impact of weather conditions and time pressure on the safe driving behavior on rural roads, with the use of driving simulator
Christodoulou GrigorisTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeOct-21
1232Reliability-based analysis of sight distance modelling in three-dimensional space 3DFotos FotiosRoads Geometric DesignMavromatis StergiosOct-21
1231Operation and design of roundabouts - Redesign of the existing roundabout in Agia Sofia region, Neo Psychico Tsoumani TheodoraAdvanced topics on Roads Geometric DesignMavromatis StergiosOct-21
1230Comparative analysis of road safety between the European Union and the United States of AmericaTsoukalas Charie - AnatoleTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeOct-21
1229Spatiotemporal traffic forecasting methodsStefani EvangeliaAnalysis Methods in Traffic EngineeringVlahogianni EleniOct-21
1228The impact of telework on transportations during the pandemic of COVID-19Skianis Karolos NikolaosTransportation Systems PlanningKepaptsoglou KonstantinosOct-21
1227Investigation of the stopping sight distance in horizontal curves over crest vertical curves according to OMOE-XSakellaris AntoniosRoads Geometric DesignMavromatis StergiosOct-21
1226Road safety parameters' assessment for separated "diamond" type junctionsOpsimos GiorgosRoads Geometric DesignMavromatis StergiosOct-21
1225Investigation of the impact of exclusive bus lanes and other factors to bus travel timePapakonstantinou KonstantinosPublic Transit PlanningKepaptsoglou KonstantinosOct-21
1224Investigation of the effect of overpassing structures on stopping sight distance on sag vertical curvesNakas KonstantinosRoads Geometric DesignMavromatis StergiosOct-21
1223Road safety benchmarking in Greek regionsMichailoglou KonstantinosTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeOct-21
1222Evaluation of safety parameters at the roundaboutsMaratheftis AlfredosAdvanced topics on Roads Geometric DesignMavromatis StergiosOct-21
1221Investigation of the correlation of the dielectric constant and air void content of compacted asphalt mixesMagkafas GrigorisPavement Evaluation and MaintenancePlati ChristinaOct-21
1220Research of city logistics issues in the region of AthensKostopoulou FloraCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosOct-21
1219Comparative assessment of rigid pavement design methodsKyriakou CharalampiaDesign of Road and Airfield PavementsPlati ChristinaOct-21
1218Investigation of issues relating to the organization of sightseeing fours with seaplanes in the Aegean seaKonidi AnastasiaCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosOct-21
1217Vehicle trajectory investigation based on driving simulator experinmentKalliora Efstathia ChrisovalantoRoads Geometric DesignMavromatis StergiosOct-21
1216Car drivers' preferences towards the development of cycling infrastructureZevgaras AthanasiosTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeOct-21
1215Investigation of road widening requirements during bus trafficAnninos NikolaosRoads Geometric DesignMavromatis StergiosOct-21
1214Digital transformation in shipping: Port community systemsChalazia Asimina EkaviCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosJul-21
1213Development of new mathematical model for the overtaking in two lane roads using real data from a driving experimentTrantas Nikolaos - PanagiotisRoads Geometric DesignMavromatis StergiosJul-21
1212A study on the views of the people who travel around the city regarding the pedestrianization of urban streets: The case of the center of AthensRagkousis PetrosTransportation Systems PlanningKepaptsoglou KonstantinosJul-21
1211Analysis of pandemic impact factors in European mobility using machine learningPigadioti DimitraTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeJul-21
1210Investigation of the impact of connected and autonomous vehicles on urban road networksNikas LeonidasAnalysis Methods in Traffic EngineeringVlahogianni EleniJul-21
1209Transport of fresh agricultural productsMougios GeorgiosCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosJul-21
1208Comparative analysis of road safety factors across generations in GreeceMermigka VasilikiTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeJul-21
1207Critical impact factors of travel time in AthensMakri AngelikiTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeJul-21
1206Stated preferences towards electric vehicles in GreeceJohn KyparissisTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeJul-21
1205Investigation of the impact of lateral wandering on pavement performanceKladou VayaDesign of Road and Airfield PavementsPlati ChristinaJul-21
1204Impact of heavy aircrafts on airfield pavement damageKastrioti AthinaPavement Evaluation and MaintenanceLoizos AndreasJul-21
1203Grade intersections and altitudinal configurationDroutsa AlexandraRoads Geometric DesignMavromatis StergiosJul-21
1202Evolution of pandemic impact on driver behavior in Greece using multivarlate time series analysisGonidi AspasiaTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeJul-21
1201Investigation of the efficiency of the turn in the electric movement of Greece based on the analysis of the life cycle of the fuel of the vehiclesGoutzamanis VasilisTransportation Systems PlanningKepaptsoglou KonstantinosJul-21
1200Mobility characteristics impact on public transport and road safety performance in selected European citiesGeorgakopoulos DimitriosTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeJul-21
1199Traffic queue detection at signalized junctions using computer vision algorithmsChristopoulos Panagiotis DimitriosUrban Road NetworksVlahogianni EleniFeb-21
1198Determination of soil bearing capacity in context of flexible pavement designTsakoumaki MariaRoads ConstructionPlati ChristinaFeb-21
1197Ιnvestigating the required road bend widening for the accommodation of heavy vehicles transporting wind farms equipmentSpithas Chris EliasRoads Geometric DesignMavromatis StergiosFeb-21
1196The impact of weather conditions and time pressure on road safetySpanou PanagiotaTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeFeb-21
1195Evaluation of the wavelenghs of the asphalt pavements surfacePrintziou KleopatraPavement Evaluation and MaintenancePlati ChristinaFeb-21
1194Development of lane change prediction models utilizing high resolution trajectory dataPlymenos - Papageorgas JasonAnalysis Methods in Traffic EngineeringVlahogianni EleniFeb-21
1193Effects of u-turn movements on signalised road networksPanoutsakos KonstantinosAnalysis Methods in Traffic EngineeringVlahogianni EleniFeb-21
1192Time series analysis of vehicle and pedestrian traffic in AthensEconomou NickTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeFeb-21
1191Investigation of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on mobility in Greece using time series analysisBlatsouka Tsouraki EleniTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeFeb-21
1190Application of metaheuristic algorithms in the optimal scheduling of the bus line inspectionMargaritis EleftheriosPublic Transit PlanningKepaptsoglou KonstantinosFeb-21
1189Mining human mobility patterns, activity chains and duration using big dataKonstantinou ChristosQuantitative Methods in TransportationVlahogianni EleniFeb-21
1188Correlation of declared and revealed
behaviour using smartphone sensors
Kokkali KonstantinaTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeFeb-21
1187Assessment of retro reflection of vertical road signs in urban roadsKaperoni GeorgiaRoads Geometric DesignMavromatis StergiosFeb-21
1186Impact of pandemic to mobility behavior in the European Union using time-series analysisKallidoni MarianthiTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeFeb-21
1185Estimation of the area of influence of a vehicle during its circulation in urban networks using high definition dataAsimomiti Maria EiriniTraffic FlowVlahogianni EleniFeb-21
1184Investigation of the intention to accept a toll system based on the use and the way of drivingChristovasili KyriakiQuantitative Methods in TransportationVlahogianni EleniOct-20
1183Overtaking trajectory modeling of vehicles moving at a constant speed via driving simulatorChatzieleftheriou GeorgiosAdvanced topics on Roads Geometric DesignMavromatis StergiosOct-20
1182Factors affecting the acceptance of aytonomous vehicles and mobility on demand servicesCharitatos ParisQuantitative Methods in TransportationVlahogianni EleniOct-20
1181Investigating the viscoelastic performance of asphalt pavements  Ferlemi Vasiliki NefeliDesign of Road and Airfield PavementsLoizos AndreasOct-20
1180Development of a data portal for maritime transportTsakalas NikolaosCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosOct-20
1179Speeding critical factors using data from smartphonesTzoutzoulis Dimosthenis -MariosTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeOct-20
1178Critical factors for event identification on urban areasBardi FotiniTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeOct-20
1177Behaviour of road users during community evacuations due to wildfireKatzilieris KonstantinosQuantitative Methods in TransportationVlahogianni EleniOct-20
1176Investigation of the new development policies of the taxi market in AthensKarouzakis NickPublic Transit PlanningKepaptsoglou KonstantinosOct-20
1175Supply chain and digital transformationKareklas Alexios KonstantinosCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosOct-20
1174Environmental impact assessment of emerging asphalt mixture technologiesIoannidi FloraAdvanced Topics on PavementsLoizos AndreasOct-20
1173 Investigation of illegal parking in Greece using statistical modelsZoika StefaniaTransportation Systems PlanningKepaptsoglou KonstantinosOct-20
1172Evaluation of good practices for the promotion of electromobility using multiple criteria decision analysis methodsZirganos AthanasiosQuantitative Methods in TransportationVlahogianni EleniOct-20
1171Analysis of the influence of automated transportation services on traffic, road safety and environmentGasparinatou ChristinaTraffic FlowVlahogianni EleniOct-20
1170Comparative investigation of Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) and Traffic Speed Deflectometer (TSD) systems within the context of structural evaluation of flexible pavementsVazelakis MariosPavement Evaluation and MaintenancePlati ChristinaOct-20
1169Critical factors affecting mobile phone using while driving through the exploitation of data from smartphone sensorsAkritidou SofiaTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeOct-20
1168The impact of telematics and its applications on the behavior of commuters in urban transport'  Avraam MariosPublic Transit PlanningKepaptsoglou KonstantinosOct-20
1167Development of electric vehicle ownership cost modelFlaris KonstantinosTransportation Systems PlanningKepaptsoglou KonstantinosJul-20
1166Comparison of subgrade failure laws in flexible pavementsTsoutsouras DimitrisDesign of Road and Airfield PavementsPlati ChristinaJul-20
1165Development of evaluation methodology for research and development projects using data envelopment analysis and machine learningTsampoulas AndreasAnalysis Methods in Traffic EngineeringVlahogianni EleniJul-20
1164Laboratory investigation of seasonal variations of skid resistance on asphalt pavementsSklavounos DimitrisPavement Evaluation and MaintenanceLoizos AndreasJul-20
1163Automation of the pre-measurement and budgeting export process of road constructionRachouti AndreaniAdvanced topics on Roads Geometric DesignMavromatis StergiosJul-20
1162Public network redesign with electric vehiclesPylarinou KonstantinaPublic Transit PlanningKepaptsoglou KonstantinosJul-20
1161Investigation of special forms of horizontal curvesPoniraki AikateriniRoads Geometric DesignMavromatis StergiosJul-20
1160Investigation of passing sight distance sufficiency in rural roads with consecutive reverse horizontal curvesPapamichail ArtemisRoads Geometric DesignMavromatis StergiosJul-20
1159Traffic resilence assessment in the age of autonomous vehiclesMourtakos VasilisAnalysis Methods in Traffic EngineeringVlahogianni EleniJul-20
1158Preferences towards e-scooters in AthensMaragkoudakis VasilisTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeJul-20
1157Investigation of the use of recycled rubber in asphalt mixturesLiarmakopoulos AthanasiosAdvanced Topics on PavementsPlati ChristinaJul-20
1156Investigation of hte impact of autonomous vehicles on urban road networksKostopoulou EfthymiaAnalysis Methods in Traffic EngineeringVlahogianni EleniJul-20
1155Acceptance of environmental transport charging policiesKorentzelou AsiminaTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeJul-20
1154Seaplanes in Greek tourism: Service demand research and operational flight planningZachariadis NikolaosCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosJul-20
1153Air-cargo transportations in the Greek islandsDelis VasileiosCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosJul-20
1152Model development for locating weigh in motion stationsGidaris GeorgiosTransportation Systems PlanningKepaptsoglou KonstantinosJul-20
1151Methodology development for data collection about combined transport in Greece, according to European Directive 92/106Georgiou SpyridonTransportation Systems PlanningBallis AthanasiosJul-20
1150Transportation projects and defence planning - Barrier location modelVeniopoulos GrigoriosTransportation Systems PlanningKepaptsoglou KonstantinosJul-20
1149Design of small airports and landing fieldsVarytimidis NikandrosAirport Planning and ManagementBallis AthanasiosJul-20
1148Event identification based on driving characteristics on rural roadsVarela AkriviTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeJul-20
1147Investigation of vehicle trajectory during overtaking process using driving simulatorAlvertis AlexandrosAdvanced topics on Roads Geometric DesignMavromatis StergiosJul-20
1146Spatio-temporal analysis of traffic safety
using data from smartphone sensors
Frantzola Eleni - KonstantinaTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeMar-20
1145Comparative analysis of traffic accident factors per driver nationality in the European Union Skliami AikateriniTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeMar-20
1144Driving behaviour during texting and surfing in rural roads using a driving simulatorSekadakis MariosTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeMar-20
1143Investigation of flying autonomous vehicles traveller acceptance in GreecePriftis George Traffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeMar-20
1142Development of continuum aproximation models about modeling operation of seaplanesPaschalidis Stergios - ZikosTransportation Systems PlanningKepaptsoglou KonstantinosMar-20
1141Estimation model for the building cost of logistics warehousesPanagiotopoulos EfstathiosCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosMar-20
1140Driver choices towards ridesharingBoulougari AthanasiaTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeMar-20
1139Investigation of the behavior of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) material to be used as a granular material for the construction of pavement base-subbaseMologianni KonstantinaAdvanced Topics on PavementsPlati ChristinaMar-20
1138Analysis of the effect of pavement surface characteristics on rolling resistance and fuel consumptionKontogianni PanagiotaPavement Evaluation and MaintenancePlati ChristinaMar-20
1137Evaluation of the mechanical behavior of asphalt mixes with field and laboratory dataKontogianni AggelikiPavement Evaluation and MaintenanceLoizos AndreasMar-20
1136Evaluation of dynamic analysis parameters for flexible pavements designKainourgiou KalliopiDesign of Road and Airfield PavementsPlati ChristinaMar-20
1135Investigating the conversant of alternative fuel by Greek driversDrivakou AnnaQuantitative Methods in TransportationVlahogianni EleniMar-20
1134Analysis of pedestrians distracted behaviour talking on mobile phoneTypa DimitraTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeOct-19
1133Private vs public ownership in a hub and spoke system of airports: A game theoretic approachTorolopoulos AlexandrosAirport Planning and ManagementLoizos AndreasOct-19
1132Methodology of evaluating the hazard level of two-lane rural roads regarding the roadside areaStrongylis LoukasAdvanced topics on Roads Geometric DesignMavromatis StergiosOct-19
1131Methodology development for assessing efficiency in terms of safe and eco-drivingSiliogka VagiaQuantitative Methods in TransportationVlahogianni EleniOct-19
1130Investigation of Messinia drivers attitudes towards road safetySalem NektariaTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeOct-19
1129The traffic and safety effect of smartphone texting and web serfing during driving in cities using a driving simulatorOikonomou MariaTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeOct-19
1128Comparative evaluation of North Greece ports, in terms of capabilities for combined transportation of cargo to BulgariaOikonomidis EvangelosCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosOct-19
1127Investigating the determinants aftecting fair passengers behaviour at airport terminalXirogianni EleniAirport Planning and ManagementLoizos AndreasOct-19
1126Reinforcement learning algorithms for improving driving behaviorKyriazopoulos VasilisAnalysis Methods in Traffic EngineeringVlahogianni EleniOct-19
1125Modelling automated vehicles’ socio-economic impactTheodorakos EpameinondasTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeOct-19
1124Long-term association of road accidents and weather conditions in European citiesThanasko AretiTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeOct-19
1123Airport visibilityEleftheros AlexandrosAirport Planning and ManagementLoizos AndreasOct-19
1122Analyzing the influence of emotions on transportation in urban networksGravani PolyxeniQuantitative Methods in TransportationVlahogianni EleniOct-19
1121General elements and willingness fouse of e-scootersGkolas PanagiotisPublic Transit PlanningKepaptsoglou KonstantinosOct-19
1120Impact of economic, social and transport indicators on serious road injuries in the European UnionCharalampidi MariaTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeJul-19
1119Suggesting new taxi services and investigating the factors affecting their acceptance by the passengersTsattalios KonstantinosPublic Transit PlanningKepaptsoglou KonstantinosJul-19
1118Investigation of traffic and safety behaviour of pedestrians texting or web - surfingRopaka Maria - IliaTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeJul-19
1117Optimization of maritime services in the South Aegean regionPetroulakis ZachariasCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosJul-19
1116Survival analysis of cruising for parking space in urban road networksNouskali Foteini NefeliUrban Road NetworksVlahogianni EleniJul-19
1115Using contemporary 3D and modelling software in road projectsLala PanagiotaRoads Geometric DesignMavromatis StergiosJul-19
1114The impact of low cost airlines on airport efficiencyKoumoutsidi AnnitsaAirport Planning and ManagementLoizos AndreasJul-19
1113Investigation of the synergy of seaplane travel and cruise services in GreeceKotsialos VasileiosCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosJul-19
1112Investigation of fave evasion in buses in AtticaKakari StefaniaPublic Transit PlanningKepaptsoglou KonstantinosJul-19
1111Assessment of algorithms for pavements critical strain estimationDipla TriadaPavement Evaluation and MaintenanceLoizos AndreasJul-19
1110Investigation of indexes for the assessment of flexible pavement’s structural conditionChristodoulou VasilikiPavement Evaluation and MaintenancePlati ChristinaMar-19
1109Greek drivers' attitudes towards aggressive drivingStefatou AngelikiTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeMar-19
1108Combined impact of road and traffic characteristics on driver behavior using data from smartphonesPetraki VirginiaTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeMar-19
1107Analysis of aircraft ground movements and parking in airportsPediaditi EmmanouelaAirport Planning and ManagementLoizos AndreasMar-19
1106Investigation of traffic safety on ramps of interchangesPasias PanagiotisRoads Geometric DesignMavromatis StergiosMar-19
1105Spatial analysis of driver safety behaviour using data from smartphonesParmaksizoglou Ilias AlexandrosTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeMar-19
1104Modeling fare evasion in the Athens metro systemPanoutsopoulos AngelosPublic Transit PlanningKepaptsoglou KonstantinosMar-19
1103Self-assessment and road behaviorPanagiotopoulou MikaelaTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeMar-19
1102Economic and technical assessment of road safety improvements at intersectionsMpontozis DimitriosAdvanced topics on Roads Geometric DesignMavromatis StergiosMar-19
1101Factors affecting travel happiness in urban transportation networksBatala Alkistis – EiriniQuantitative Methods in TransportationVlahogianni EleniMar-19
1100Correlation of driver behaviour and fuel consumption using data from smartphonesMichelaraki EvanthiaTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeMar-19
1099Investigation regarding stopping sight distance visibility regarding successive counterbalanced curvesMitakis IoannisRoads Geometric DesignMavromatis StergiosMar-19
1098Passing sight distance and vehicle's dynamic characteristicsLiza OuraniaRoads Geometric DesignMavromatis StergiosMar-19
1097Comparative assessment of the acceptance of «smart» applications in searching for parking in European citiesKoureli AikateriniUrban Road NetworksVlahogianni EleniMar-19
1096Comparative assessment of factors influencing travel mode choice in three European countriesKoliou ParaskeviQuantitative Methods in TransportationVlahogianni EleniMar-19
1095Identification of critical driving parameters affecting speeding using data from smartphonesKokkinakis AristotelisTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeMar-19
1094Investigation of the effect of dynamic loading on the design of flexible pavementsKatsarou CharikleiaDesign of Road and Airfield PavementsPlati ChristinaMar-19
1093Detecting and analyzing the duration of cruising for parking space in urban road networks using smartphone dataDrosou VaiaAnalysis Methods in Traffic EngineeringVlahogianni EleniMar-19
1092Computer vision models for identifying traffic conditions from unmanned aerial vehiclesDavos GeorgiosTraffic FlowVlahogianni EleniMar-19
1091Impact of economic, social and transport indicators on road safety during the crisis period in EuropeVasili Valentina MarinaTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeMar-19
1090Site evaluation of CNS facilitiesAlexaki ZoiAirport Planning and ManagementYannis GeorgeMar-19
1089Estimation and analysis of driving incident durationChatzipanagiotou DimitriosQuantitative Methods in TransportationVlahogianni EleniOct-18
1088Investigation to calculate the cost of road designsStylianidis AlexandrosRoads ConstructionLoizos AndreasOct-18
1087Military vehicles swept path analysis on the Ηellenic road networkSpagkouros KonstantinosAdvanced topics on Roads Geometric DesignLoizos AndreasOct-18
1086Toll plaza and Rest Area Xypolias DimitriosAdvanced topics on Roads Geometric DesignLoizos AndreasOct-18
1085Design and evaluation of at-grade junction of rural roads according to RAL-2012Nikoletou MariaAdvanced Topics of Highway EngineeringLoizos AndreasOct-18
1084Assessment of environmental efficiency in Greek regional airports Biniari AnastasiaAirport Planning and ManagementLoizos AndreasOct-18
1083Investigation of operating cost issues for commercial oil and bulk cargo shipsBagiatis AlexiosCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosOct-18
1082German guidelines for the design of rural roads, RAL 2012Michopoulos KonstantinosAdvanced topics on Roads Geometric DesignLoizos AndreasOct-18
1081Investigation of passing sight distance sufficiency in rural roads with crest vertical curveMarkos KonstantinosAdvanced Topics of Highway EngineeringLoizos AndreasOct-18
1080Proposal for the organization of air transport in the Greek IslandsKarakonstantinou KalliopiCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosOct-18
1079Correlation between fuel consumption and traffic, geometrical and drivers' behavior characteristicsKalogeris IoannisQuantitative Methods in TransportationVlahogianni EleniOct-18
1078The potential of Greek ports in the liquefied natural gas transport systemEfraim CharalamposCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosOct-18
1077Investigation of the influence of traffic on pavement` s skid resistanceDrakontidou VasilikiPavement Evaluation and MaintenancePlati ChristinaOct-18
1076Non-linear analysis of unbound pavement materialsGiannakopoulos LoukasDesign of Road and Airfield PavementsLoizos AndreasOct-18
1075Analysis of the international air travel demand in the Ionian Islands using panel data Visvardis Dionysios Airport Planning and ManagementLoizos AndreasOct-18
1074Investigation of flexible pavement design parameters with emphasis on the French design methodAthitaki Despoina Design of Road and Airfield PavementsPlati ChristinaOct-18
1073Evaluation of the existing failure criteria of the design of flexible airport pavements according to FAA design methodTsiligianni IoannaRoad and Airport PavementsLoizos AndreasJul-18
1072Optimisation of insurance premium policy for multiple levels of automation vehicles with the use of derivativesTeressonok DimitriosAnalysis Methods in Traffic EngineeringVlahogianni EleniJul-18
1071Criteria investigation of geometric design consistency in rural two-lane roads at nighttime drivingTaliouras FilipposAdvanced Topics of Highway EngineeringLoizos Andreas - Mertzanis FotisJul-18
1070Model development analysis of air travel demand: the case of CreteStavrou ParaskeviAirport Planning and ManagementPsaraki-Kalouptsidi Paraskevi - Mertzanis FotisJul-18
1069Methodology for assessing the required volume of driving data for assessing driving behaviorStavrakaki Anna-MariaAnalysis Methods in Traffic EngineeringVlahogianni EleniJul-18
1068Research of the behavior of urban railway vehicles and the maximum periphery in acute horizontal curvesPapanastasiou Maria OlgaRailway EngineeringBallis AthanasiosJul-18
1067Impact of economic, social and transport indicators on road safety during the crisis period in EuropeNikolaou DimitriosTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeJul-18
1066Comparative investigation of road accidents cost in the European UnionMihou Archimandritou YpatiaTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeJul-18
1065Methodology of evaluating the hazard level in intersections of rural roadsMatragos VassileiosAdvanced Topics of Highway EngineeringLoizos Andreas - Mertzanis FotisJul-18
1064Spatial analysis of driving behaviorLagou GeorgiaQuantitative Methods in TransportationVlahogianni EleniJul-18
1063Investigation of drivers’ preferences towards new innovative vehicle insurance schemesKonstantinopoulos EmmanouilTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeJul-18
1062Modelling the economic impact of road accidents in GreeceKourtis Eleftherios-MariosTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeJul-18
1061Investigation of sustainable mobility plans in universities of the mediterranean regionKakridoni ElisavetQuantitative Methods in TransportationVlahogianni EleniJul-18
1060Processing and analysis of fleet telematics data for trucks performing transportation in the wider area of AthensEfthymiou AlexandrosCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosJul-18
1059Mobility and road safety in European citiesGiagkou DimitriosTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeJul-18
1058The effect of anger on driver behavior and safetyGavalas OrestisTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeJul-18
1057Critical driver behaviour and risk factors in EuropeVachaviolos DimitriosTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeJul-18
1056Ιnvestigation of natural gas energy security issues in EuropeFotis AthanasiosCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosMar-18
1055Investigation of the influence of the moisture content on the resilient modulus of subgrade soils beneath pavement structuresFeggouli ChristinaPavementsPlati ChristinaMar-18
1054Investigation of operational cost aspects concerning heavy trucks passing through the side road networkPrevenios MichalisCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosMar-18
1053Geometric design of highway exit - entrance rampsPrasinou CharikleiaAdvanced Topics of Highway EngineeringLoizos Andreas - Mertzanis FotisMar-18
1052Modeling of distracted driving behavior at the emergence of unexpected eventsPapachristopoulou LefketiAnalysis Methods in Traffic EngineeringVlahogianni EleniMar-18
1051Analysis of the impact of autonomous vehicles to travel behaviourPapalymperis PanagiotisTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeMar-18
1050Supervised and unsupervised learning models for automatically indentifying driving eventsBoras GeorgeQuantitative Methods in TransportationVlahogianni EleniMar-18
1049Quantification of eco-driving using crowdsourcing dataMavrogiannis IoannisQuantitative Methods in TransportationVlahogianni EleniMar-18
1048Visualization technologies in planning a road projectLionoudakis PavlosAdvanced Topics of Highway EngineeringLoizos Andreas - Mertzanis FotisMar-18
1047Development of an optimization model of resource allocation for the management of urban transport busesLaios IliasTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeMar-18
1046A multicriteria approach for evaluating the performance of startup companies in the sector of smart citiesKarali NickiCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosMar-18
1045Ιnvestigation of complementarity issues of the European high speed railway with air passenger transportZervas PetrosCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosMar-18
1044Investigation of issues relating to fleet management and vehicle routingApostolopoulos VasileiosCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosMar-18
1043Ιnvestigation of natural gas energy security issues in EuropeAlexopoulos ChristoforosCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosMar-18
1042Investigation of the impact of weather conditions to young drivers' behavior and safety in cities with the use of driving simulatorChaireti MariaTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeOct-17
1041The effect of moisture on the resilient modulus of unbound paving materialsFarantos ParaskevasAdvanced Topics on PavementsPlati ChristinaOct-17
1040Development of an algorithm for asphalt concrete modulus correction to a reference temperatureTriantafyllou PanagiotaPavementsPlati ChristinaOct-17
1039Analysis of the impact of weather conditions on the behaviour and safety of young drivers on rural roads with the use of driving simulatorSourelli Anna-MariaTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeOct-17
1038Investigation of parameters of pavement Life Cycle Assesment (LCA)Panagiotou AlkiviadisAdvanced Topics on PavementsPlati ChristinaOct-17
1037Investigation of the effect of tourism on road accidentsBellos VasileiosTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeOct-17
1036Analysis of the effect of economic recession on road safety in GreeceBatsos ChristosTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeOct-17
1035Analysis of the impact of nighttime driving to young drivers’ behavior and safety
in rural roads with the use of driving simulator
Κyriakouli ΕleftheriaTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeOct-17
1034The impact of nighttime driving to driver behavior and safety in cities with the use of driving simulatorKontaxi ArmiraTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeOct-17
1033Investigation of the use of bicycle as access mode to the suburban railwayKalogeraki EfthymiaCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosOct-17
1032Transportation mode detection on data collected from smartphoes with the use of machine learning algorithmsEfthymiou AlexandrosAdvanced Topics of Traffic EngineeringVlahogianni EleniOct-17
1031Impact investigation of driving behaviour profiles on traffic flow properties and emissions of air pollutantsAdamidis FilipposAdvanced Topics of Traffic EngineeringVlahogianni EleniOct-17
1030Μachine learning techniques for the prediction of retail fuel prices and their applications on the transport sectorCharalampidis AlexandrosAdvanced Topics of Traffic EngineeringVlahogianni EleniJul-17
1029Investigation of issues relating to the organization of the container handling subsystem between platforms and terrains using the program AnyLogicStathopoulos SpyridonCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosJul-17
1028Investigation of the visibility for overtakingSamaras StefanosAdvanced Topics of Highway EngineeringLoizos Andreas - Mertzanis FotisJul-17
1027Introducing dynamic modulus of HMA
mixtures in the quality control processes of newly constructed pavements
Periharos KonstantinosRoad and Airport PavementsLoizos AndreasJul-17
1026Consolidation of the geometric planning of airport and road infrastructurePapadimas IoannisAdvanced Topics of Highway EngineeringLoizos Andreas - Mertzanis FotisJul-17
1025Comparison of the regulation of the ICAO-EASA and implementation of cluster B of FRAPORTNisyrios EmmanouilAirport DesignPsaraki-Kalouptsidi Paraskevi - Mertzanis FotisJul-17
1024Invastigation of the method for thickness design of rigit airfield pavementsKafiri DimitraRoad and Airport PavementsLoizos AndreasJul-17
1023Investigation of ground reaction Index by means of rail immersion measurements on a new line section of the Hellenic Train’s railway at the Leianokladi railway stationKaravaki ThaleiaRailway EngineeringBallis AthanasiosJul-17
1022Database development in GIS environment for the recording of the research projects undertaken by the Department of Transportation Planning and EngineeringEfthymiou Savvoula Maria - Thymianos Stelios ChristoforosCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosJul-17
1021Development of driver speed models based on detailed driving data from smartphone sensorsGonidi ChristinaTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeJul-17
1020Reinforcement learning models for the development of personalized driving policiesVlachogiannis DimitrisAdvanced Topics of Traffic EngineeringGolias IoannisJul-17
1019Researching the capability of the development new flight connections with GIS and web crawlers toolArgyros DimitriosCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosJul-17
1018Modelling mobile phone use impact on driver behaviour through the exploitation of data from smartphone sensorsArgyropoulou AnastasiaTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeJul-17
1017Investigation of basic international design methods for airfield pavementsAntoniou Georgios FilipposRoad and Airport PavementsPlati ChristinaJul-17
1016Εvaluation of the roughness of airport landing/take off runway pavementsFanourakis DimitrisRoad and Airport PavementsPlati ChristinaFeb-17
1015Perceived socio-economic impact assessment from the implementation of cooperative intelligent transportation systems in urban road networksToulouki Maria AnnaAdvanced Topics of Traffic EngineeringVlahogianni EleniFeb-17
1014Examination of issues concerning the natural gas pipeline network in EuropeSotiropoulos PanagiotisCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosFeb-17
1013Investigating the acceptance of autonomous vehicles by greek driversSouris CharalamposTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeFeb-17
1012Investigation of road network design in freight villagesPapadakis AntonisCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosFeb-17
1011Willingness to use novel taxi services and ridesharingLampaounas AlexandrosAdvanced Topics of Traffic EngineeringVlahogianni EleniFeb-17
1010Aspects of users for sustainable mobility on NTUA campusKotsi EvanthiaAdvanced Topics of Traffic EngineeringVlahogianni EleniFeb-17
1009Comparative analysis of young drivers behaviour in normal and simulated conditions in urban roadsVoutsina DanaiTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeFeb-17
1008Ιnvestigation of the influence of visibility in road accidents: the case of Attiki OdosArgiriou NikolaosAdvanced Topics of Highway EngineeringLoizos AndreasFeb-17
1007Comparison of railway and road layoutAlamanos GeorgiosRailway EngineeringBallis AthanasiosFeb-17
1006Comparison of road and rail freight energy consumption modelsSiatitsas Romanos-IoannisCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosOct-16
1005Airport ownership and pricing in a multi-airport region: a game theoretic approachPantelidis Theodoros-PanagiotisAirport DesignPsaraki-Kalouptsidi ParaskeviOct-16
1004Investigation of the parameters of the horizontal and vertical alignment
regarding stopping sight distance visibility
Kavvadia Margarita-LouisaAdvanced Topics of Highway EngineeringLoizos AndreasOct-16
1003Correlation of road safety performance with social and economic indicators in the European UnionZantiris IoannisTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeOct-16
1002Investigation of the effect of the surface of the asphalt pavement in the green house emissions of vehiclesDrainakis AndreasPavementsPlati ChristinaOct-16
1001Contribution to the investigation of pavements sustainabilityGkikas EfthimiosAdvanced Topics on PavementsPlati ChristinaOct-16
1000Investigation of the method for design and evaluation of airfield pavementsPetropoulou DimitraRoad and Airport PavementsLoizos AndreasJul-16
999Performance evaluation of bus lines with Data Envelopment Analysis methodManta StavroulaQuantitative Methods in TransportationVlahogianni EleniJul-16
998Investigating issues of agrologistic centersKasselouris GeorgiosCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosJul-16
997Microscopic analysis of congestion pricing policies in urban road networksKarageorgos PanteleimonAdvanced Topics of Traffic EngineeringVlahogianni EleniJul-16
996Analysis of aggressive driving characteristics in GreeceKalpaxidi EvaTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeJul-16
995Machine learning models for identifying harsh driving behaviorZygouris MichailAdvanced Topics of Traffic EngineeringVlahogianni EleniJul-16
994Optimal design of bike-sharing systemDeliali KaterinaQuantitative Methods in TransportationVlahogianni EleniJul-16
993Development of convolutional neural networks for on-street free parking space detectionGkolias KonstantinosAdvanced Topics of Traffic EngineeringVlahogianni EleniJul-16
992Correlation of stated and revealed driver's behaviour using vehicle on-board diagnosticsVittoratou NataliaTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeJul-16
991Attitudes of european drivers towards distractionVasilakis GeorgeTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeJul-16
990Dynamic game theoretic standards for the analysis of powered two wheelers traffic flow in urban road networksVasakou VasilikiAdvanced Topics of Traffic EngineeringVlahogianni EleniJul-16
989Correlation of driver characteristics and its safety performanceAgathangelou VasilikiTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeJul-16
988The effects of low cost carriers on touristic air travel demandRapti VasileiaAirport DesignPsaraki-Kalouptsidi ParaskeviFeb-16
987Designing the waterways network, and a method in Greece: Application of the method in the region of CretePagonakis MinasCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosFeb-16
986Factors affecting the aircraft flight pathBaferou KonstantinaAirport DesignPsaraki-Kalouptsidi ParaskeviFeb-16
985Willingness to use gamified smartphone airport applicationsMantouka EleniQuantitative Methods in TransportationVlahogianni EleniFeb-16
984Game theory implementation to motrobike flow analysis in urban arteriesKoulatzidis VasileiosAdvanced Topics of Traffic EngineeringVlahogianni EleniFeb-16
983Evaluation of unmannede aerial vehicles for extracting kinematic characteristics from video recordingsKalaitzi MariaTraffic FlowVlahogianni EleniFeb-16
982Willingness to use smart applications for locating free parking space in urban road networksAlpas MatthewUrban Road NetworksVlahogianni EleniFeb-16
981Fuel consumption of heavy duty trucksFafoutelis PanagiotisCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosOct-15
980Investigation of reclaimed asphalt pavement material used as base/subbase material of pavementSarras DonatosPavementsPlati ChristinaOct-15
979Investigation of driver's behaviour using vehicle diagnosticsSaplaouras EfstratiosTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeOct-15
978Investigation of laboratory compaction method through the digital image analysis techniquePanourgias DimitriosAdvanced Topics on PavementsLoizos AndreasOct-15
977Investigation of the aircraft movement on the airport taxiway systemManola VasilikiAirport DesignPsaraki-Kalouptsidi ParaskeviOct-15
976Modelling of the perceived time in public transport: Τhe case of AthensKopsidas AthanasiosQuantitative Methods in TransportationVlahogianni EleniOct-15
975Railway ferryKipourou EvangeliaCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosOct-15
974Application of Game Theory to identify driving risk during overtakingKapoulea PanagiotaAdvanced Topics of Traffic EngineeringVlahogianni EleniOct-15
973The price of anarchy in urban road networks: The case of the city of AthensKampitakis EmmanouilAdvanced Topics of Traffic EngineeringVlahogianni EleniOct-15
972Investigation of alternative organizational techniques of the containers’ movement subsystem from quay to storage areaThanou EvanthiaCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosOct-15
971Altitudinal configuration at
grade intersection type T
Zouridaki KalliopiAdvanced Topics of Highway EngineeringLoizos AndreasOct-15
970Investigation s of the required widening of road pavement in curves of short radiusAthanasiadou VasileiaAdvanced Topics of Highway EngineeringLoizos AndreasOct-15
969Affect of a congestion pricing in urban road networks traffic on user behaviourPapadoulis Lambros-AlexandrosAdvanced Topics of Traffic EngineeringVlahogianni EleniJul-15
968Investigation of general and specific requirements for rail freight transportationKotsi AretiRailway EngineeringBallis AthanasiosJul-15
967Investigation of the impact of roadside advertising to driver behaviour and safety in cities with the use of driving simulatorGkouskou AnastasiaTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeJul-15
966Road Safety Audit using the International Program iRAPGavriilidis Christoforos-IoannisAdvanced Topics of Highway EngineeringLoizos AndreasJul-15
965Assessment of influence of percent moisture measure elastic deformation of unattached pavements materialsApostolopoulos AggelosAdvanced Topics on PavementsLoizos AndreasJul-15
964Analyzing the driving risk in two lane highwaysRompotis NikolaosAdvanced Topics of Traffic EngineeringVlahogianni EleniFeb-15
963Investigation of the effect of vehicle collision type on road accident severity in GreeceReitzopoulou OlgaTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeFeb-15
962Design of horizontal alignment of a turbo-roundabout using appropriate softwareKalogeraki MariannaAdvanced Topics of Highway EngineeringLoizos AndreasFeb-15
961Feasibility analysis of installing pedestrian bridges in major road axes in AthensVraka NataliaTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeFeb-15
960Investigation of intermodal rail transport in the Greece-Czech Republic axis with ETIS databaseCharisi IroCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosOct-14
959Techniques to reduce railway noiseStogiannou AikateriniRailway EngineeringBallis AthanasiosOct-14
958The impact of economic crisis on Greek taxi marketSpyropoulou DimitraQuantitative Methods in TransportationStathopoulos AntoniosOct-14
957Investigating the effects of implementing new technologies at airports with simulation techniques Application: Athens International Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos"Pasparakis Alexandros-MyronAirport DesignPsaraki-Kalouptsidi ParaskeviOct-14
956Optimization of the recycling system in the municipality of ChalkidaPapadopoulou MariaCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosOct-14
955Investigation of safety audit in an urban motorway in GreeceLeotsarakos KyriakosAdvanced Topics of Highway EngineeringBallis AthanasiosOct-14
954Development of a computer program for the examination of the obstacle heights in the airport areaLadas PavlosAirport DesignPsaraki-Kalouptsidi ParaskeviOct-14
953The various types of asphalt pavement texture were analysed and assesseKosmetou PanagiotaRoad and Airport PavementsPlati ChristinaOct-14
952Development of a model that describe motorcyclists’ movement during in urban road networkKatachanaki ParaskeviAdvanced Topics of Traffic EngineeringVlahogianni EleniOct-14
951Calibration of dynamic modulus prediction algorithmsTsiamasiotis KonstantinosAdvanced Topics on PavementsPlati ChristinaJul-14
950Investigation of the influence of information on willingness to pay and decision making on road networksSianoudis AlexandrosAdvanced Topics of Traffic EngineeringVlahogianni EleniJul-14
949Construction of railway: specifications-process of building-special cases-modelPougkakioti VassilikiQuantitative Methods in TransportationStathopoulos AntoniosJul-14
948Determination of dynamic modulus of asphalt mixtures in laboratoryMantekas GeorgiosAdvanced Topics on PavementsPlati ChristinaJul-14
947The combined effect of economic crisis, traffic and weather conditions on road safety in AthensZiaka EleniTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeJul-14
946Railway construction cost estimationDeligiannis LambrosRailway EngineeringBallis AthanasiosJul-14
945Simulation of alternative scenarios for managing traffic incidentsCharoniti EleniTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeFeb-14
944Simulation of passenger traffic during passenger building evacuation of Heraklion airport "Nikos Kazantzakis' using the simulation software PTV ViswalkFatsi AikateriniAdvanced Topics of Traffic EngineeringKarlaftis MatthewFeb-14
943Analysis of preferences for the use of bicycle sharing system in AthensTsolaki AthinaTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeFeb-14
942The carbon footprint of rail intermodal freight transport: Case study on the Athens-Thessaloniki lineTournaki EleniSafety and Maintenance of Railway TrackBallis AthanasiosFeb-14
941Investigation of dynamic modulus asphalt pavement failure criteriaSklavounos IoannisRoad and Airport PavementsPlati ChristinaFeb-14
940Investigation of compaction of asphalt mixtures through technical analysis of digital imageSideris LazarosAdvanced Topics on PavementsLoizos AndreasFeb-14
939Factors affecting on bus travel time and delayPouliasi AlikiAdvanced Topics of Traffic EngineeringKarlaftis MatthewFeb-14
938Construction of Railway: specifications-process of building-special cases-modelPougkakioti IfigeneiaRailway EngineeringLiberis KonstantinosFeb-14
937Estimation of hot mix asphalt dynamic modulus in existing pavementPomoni MariaRoad and Airport PavementsLoizos AndreasFeb-14
936Software development for the computation of earthwork distributionPispirigkos AlexandrosHighway Engineering IKaltsounis AntoniosFeb-14
935Comparative analysis of young drivers’ behaviour in normal and simulated conditions in interurban roadNikas MariosTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeFeb-14
934Multilevel comparative road safety analysis in European capital citiesMermygka MarianthiTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeFeb-14
933Investigation of the effect of compaction on asphalt mixtures' stiffness modulusKoufoudaki IrisAdvanced Topics on PavementsLoizos AndreasFeb-14
932Factors influencing repulsive forces on pedestrian flows in the process of overtakingGiannis FotiosAdvanced Topics of Traffic EngineeringVlahogianni EleniFeb-14
931Investigation of the impact on road safety of increasing the speed limit on motorwaysGeorgiadou EleniTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeFeb-14
930Investigation of themes about the design and the operation of a freight rail station inside portArgyriou-Evangeloudis ApostolosCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosFeb-14
929Comparative analysis of factors affecting driving under the influence of alcohol of car drivers and motorcyclistsArvaniti DimitraTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeFeb-14
928The effect of the economic crisis on the pricing policy of urban tollApostolou SpyridonQuantitative Methods in TransportationKarlaftis MatthewFeb-14
927Critical factors of motorcycle accidents in GreeceAlevizou ParaskeviTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeFeb-14
926Investigation of the asphalt concrete tensile strains in flexible airfield sectionsTsapakis KonstantinosRoad and Airport PavementsLoizos AndreasJul-13
925Identifying powered-two-wheeler microscopic driving parameters using naturalistic riding experimentsSpiris EvangelosTraffic FlowVlahogianni EleniJul-13
924Simulation of the transport operations of intermodal terminal units in rail and maritime terminalsSpanakis EleftheriosCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosJul-13
923Investigation on travelers' behavior during transit strikesPoliti StamatiaQuantitative Methods in TransportationKarlaftis MatthewJul-13
922A comparative statistical analysis of incident duration in motor highwaysLeotsarakos ΑnastasiosAdvanced Topics of Traffic EngineeringKarlaftis Matthew - Vlahogianni EleniJul-13
921An investigation of the effects of the economic recession on the acceptability of the measure of urban road pricingDaskagiannis VasilisAdvanced Topics of Traffic EngineeringKarlaftis MatthewJul-13
920Multilevel analysis of road accident characteristics in urban areas in EuropeChoustoulaki EleftheriaTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeFeb-13
919Investigation of the asphalt compaction with the gyratory methodYfantis VasileiosRoad and Airport PavementsLoizos AndreasFeb-13
918Investigation of the optimal design of interventions in urban road systems-application to the extension of theYmittos regional roadTripsigala EvgeniaCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosFeb-13
917Assessment of the factors influencing the demand for new cars in Greece and the effects of the current economic recessionTriampela MarinaQuantitative Methods in TransportationKarlaftis MatthewFeb-13
916Investigation of the impact of maintenance strategies on the onset of pavement crackingTrapali KonstantinaQuantitative Methods in TransportationLoizos AndreasFeb-13
915Investigation of the non-linear behaviour of pavement materials in the laboratoryTataraki KalliopiRoad and Airport PavementsLoizos AndreasFeb-13
914Multilevel investigation of road accident characteristics in Greek citiesSpanakis DimitriosTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeFeb-13
913Investigation of the behaviour of fixed superstructure of Stedef and Rheda 2000 type during the passage of a trainSialma ChrysaRailway EngineeringLiberis KonstantinosFeb-13
912Investigation of the Spatio-temporal Influence of Incidents to Freeway Traffic using Structural Equation ModelingPapageorgiou NikolaosAdvanced Topics of Traffic EngineeringVlahogianni EleniFeb-13
911Three-dimensional road design using NURBS (Non-Uniform Rational Basis Spline) freeform curvesBoutsakis AntonisSpecial Topics on Road DesignKanellaidis GeorgiosFeb-13
910Research on the influence of automatic train control systems on line capacityMandilara EfstathiaRailway EngineeringLiberis KonstantinosFeb-13
909Research of the behavior of Hellenic Train bogies when travelling around a curveKoutelidaki MariaRailway EngineeringLiberis KonstantinosFeb-13
908Management technics of the passenger traffic at airports with seasonal demand: The case of HeraklionKatsafanas TheodorosAirport DesignPsaraki-Kalouptsidi ParaskeviFeb-13
907Investigation of factors affecting helmet use among European motorcyclistsKatrakazas ChristosQuantitative Methods in TransportationYannis GeorgeFeb-13
906Road safety & standards on geometric design of highwaysKaparakis Georgios-IkarosSpecial Topics on Road DesignKanellaidis GeorgiosFeb-13
905Correlation of traffic characteristics with road accident severity and probabilityZiakopoulos ApostolosTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeFeb-13
904Pavement evaluation with Spectral Analysis of Surface Waves (SASW) methodGkyrtis KonstantinosRoad and Airport PavementsLoizos AndreasFeb-13
903Investigation of dynamic modulus of HMA predictive modelsGianniou ParaskeviRoad and Airport PavementsLoizos AndreasFeb-13
902Software development for the digital processing of existing's roads geometric layoutVasilas AggelosSpecial Topics on Road DesignKanellaidis GeorgiosFeb-13
901Short-term freeway lane speed prediction using vector autoregressive approaches with spatial and temporal exogenous informationTselentis DimitriosAdvanced Topics of Traffic EngineeringVlahogianni EleniNov-12
900A study on the overtaking maneuver of powered-two wheelers on urban arterialsBarmpounakis ΕmmanouilAdvanced Topics of Traffic EngineeringVlahogianni EleniNov-12
899Risk assessment of young drivers behavior on two-lane highwaysKarkantzos Vasileios-MariosAdvanced Topics of Traffic EngineeringVlahogianni EleniNov-12
898Effect of GDP change on road accidentsFolla AikateriniTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeOct-12
897Railway freight transport: algorithms for the loading of containers onto railway freight wagonsBasetas EfstathiosSafety and Maintenance of Railway TrackBallis AthanasiosOct-12
896A shortest path application for large unimodal and multimodal transportation networks in GIS environmentBallis TheocharisTransportation Systems PlanningStathopoulos AntoniosOct-12
895Simulation of texting impact on young drivers' behaviour and safety in urban and rural roadChristoforou CharalambosTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeJul-12
894Efficient airport slot allocation utilizing harmony search algorithmSpanakis GerasimosAirport DesignPsaraki-Kalouptsidi ParaskeviJul-12
893Geometric design of roundaboutsNikou DimitriosSpecial Topics on Road DesignKanellaidis GeorgiosJul-12
892Discussion on airport flexible pavements strain gages in large scale facilityMourogiannis StamoulisRoad and Airport PavementsLoizos AndreasJul-12
891Attitudes of Greek drivers towards mobile phone use while drivingMarinou ParaskeviTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeJul-12
890A critical review on Road Safety Audit (RSA) Guidelines internationally and views of highway designers regarding the RSA processKarantanos MichaelSpecial Topics on Road DesignKanellaidis GeorgiosJul-12
889Impact of texting on young drivers' traffic and safety on motorways by the use of a driving simulatorGartzonikas ChristosTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeJul-12
888Prediction of asphalt pavement permanent deformationTsaimou ChristinaRoad and Airport PavementsLoizos AndreasFeb-12
887Fiber optic sensors for pavement evaluationNikiforou-Tasopoulos SotiriosAdvanced Topics on PavementsLoizos AndreasFeb-12
886Reporting of the pavement strength of an airportMafounis KonstantinosRoad and Airport PavementsLoizos AndreasFeb-12
885Examination of stiffness coefficient in a ballast track and in a slab track (Stedef)Lathyri VasilikiRailway EngineeringLiberis KonstantinosFeb-12
884Investigation of rail wheel rolling surface wear and restoration issuesAndroulaki MariaSafety and Maintenance of Railway TrackBallis AthanasiosFeb-12
883The applicability of catastrophe theory to microscopic traffic flowPapacharalampous ΑlexandrosAdvanced Topics of Traffic EngineeringVlahogianni EleniOct-11
882Statistical analysis of powered-two-wheelers virtual lanes and filtering on urban arterialsNikias VasilisAdvanced Topics of Traffic EngineeringVlahogianni EleniOct-11
881Mixed integer non-linear modelingKontou EleftheriaQuantitative Methods in TransportationKarlaftis MatthewOct-11
880Evaluation of dynamic methods for identifying secondary incidents in freewaysImprialou Maria-IoannaAdvanced Topics of Traffic EngineeringKarlaftis Matthew - Vlahogianni EleniOct-11
879The privatisation of road infrastructure: Problems and perspectivesIliadis DimitrisHighway Engineering IKaltsounis AntoniosOct-11
878Investigation of road accident severity per vehicle typePispirigkos GeorgeTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeJul-11
877Correlation of road accidents and weather conditionsBilionis DimitriosQuantitative Methods in TransportationYannis GeorgeJul-11
876Estimation of asphalt composition parameters in the laboratory by geophysical methodsLeventis AthanasiosAdvanced Topics on PavementsLoizos AndreasJul-11
875Methodologies of comparison of PPP with conventional procurement for the realisation of transport infrastructure projectsKechagias GrigoriosEvaluation and Impact of Transport Infrastructure ProjectsTsamboulas DimitriosJul-11
874Macroscopic analysis of road accidents at junctionsKapetanakis KonstantinosTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeJul-11
873The impacts of the European Union emissions trading scheme on the greek airline companiesAlexopoulos AndreasAirport DesignPsaraki-Kalouptsidi ParaskeviJul-11
872The impact of mobile phone use and music on the driver behaviour and safety by the use of a driving simulatorPapathanasiou Elena Postantzi EvridikiSpecial Topics on Road DesignYannis GeorgeFeb-11
871Investigation of asphalt pavement compactionMarinos Ioannis-PanagiotisAdvanced Topics on PavementsLoizos AndreasFeb-11
870Development of macroscopic models for the severity of road accidents with one or more vehiclesKritikou SmaragdaQuantitative Methods in TransportationYannis GeorgeFeb-11
869City logistics for sustainability: The case of StockholmMaroudas-Tsakyrellis EvangelosCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosFeb-11
868Microscopic characteristics of hysteretic phenomena on freewaysOrfanou FoteiniAdvanced Topics of Traffic EngineeringVlahogianni EleniOct-10
867Traffic factors impact on incident duration is critical for the
creation of effective incident and traffic management systems
Madourou MyrtoAdvanced Topics of Traffic EngineeringVlahogianni EleniOct-10
866Estimation of the soil reaction index C through immersion measurements on a section of Hellenic Train lineKarteris GeorgiosRailway EngineeringLiberis KonstantinosOct-10
865The evolution and prospects of the structure of the European airspace - Greece in the face of developments and competitionStroponiatis KonstantinosAirport DesignPsaraki-Kalouptsidi ParaskeviOct-10
864Investigation of the equivalent moment of inertia of a railway grating: A theoretical calculationParaskevas KonstantinosRailway EngineeringLiberis KonstantinosOct-10
863Impact assessment of the implementation of the ACDM at Heraklion International AirportPapamihalis DimitriosAirport DesignPsaraki-Kalouptsidi ParaskeviOct-10
862Investigation of the impact of the conversation with passenger, eating and smoking on the driver behavior and the probability of being involved in an accident in a mountain road by the use of a driving simulatorBairamis Charalambos Sklias VasileiosSpecial Topics on Road DesignYannis GeorgeOct-10
861Estimation of the dynamic stochastic equilibrium of users in urban mobility networksMalliouri DimitraCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosOct-10
860The thermography technique for the evaluation of pavementsKordalis KonstantinosAdvanced Topics on PavementsLoizos AndreasOct-10
859Navigation systems in transport networksGkiotsalitis KonstantinosQuantitative Methods in TransportationStathopoulos AntoniosOct-10
858Creation of a street perspective visualization programChatzi Anastasia-VictoriaSpecial Topics on Road DesignKanellaidis GeorgiosJul-10
857Vector models for freeway speed time series predictionsTsirigotis LykourgosAdvanced Topics of Traffic EngineeringKarlaftis MatthewJul-10
856Required visibility for stopping in German, American and Australian guidelines for geometric road designRousiamanis NikolaosHighway Engineering IKanellaidis GeorgiosJul-10
855Investigation of air passengers' behavior choosing low cost airlineMpriana Ersi-EvaggeliaAirport DesignPsaraki-Kalouptsidi ParaskeviJul-10
854Statistical approach for evaluating maintenance and rehabilitation strategies of infrastructure projectsBardaka EleniQuantitative Methods in TransportationKarlaftis MatthewJul-10
853Ιnvestigation of the impact of road lighting on the frequency and the severity of road accidentsMitzalis NikolaosSpecial Topics on Road DesignYannis GeorgeJul-10
852A study on the overtaking maneuvers on two lane highways using driving simulatorLoukeli Lydia-KonstantinaTraffic FlowGolias IoannisJul-10
851Comparative evaluation of container handling systems in a container terminalAntonopoulou Danai-KanelaCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosJul-10
850Resistance of asphalt mixes to wheel deflectionChatzirodou AntoniaAdvanced Topics on PavementsLoizos AndreasFeb-10
849Investigation of the operating low-cost carriers at the airport Eleftherios VenizelosTsiligkiri AikateriniAirport DesignPsaraki-Kalouptsidi ParaskeviFeb-10
848Investigation of the impact of mobile phone use to driver behaviour and safety with the use of driving simulatorRoumpas LeonidasTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeFeb-10
847Investigation of the possibility of predicting the arrival time of a freight train at the destination station - Application on the Athens - Thessaloniki lineOustamanolakis Ilias Parasiri Eleutheria-MariaSafety and Maintenance of Railway TrackBallis AthanasiosFeb-10
846Influence of peppercorns on the mechanical characteristics of cement-recycled flexible pavement materialsAnagnostopoulos VasileiosAdvanced Topics on PavementsLoizos AndreasFeb-10
845Pedestrian behaviour characteristics at the urban road networkTourou SofiaTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeOct-09
844Consideration of non-linear behaviour of unbonded pavement materialsSpyrou LoukiaRoad and Airport PavementsLoizos AndreasOct-09
843Investigation of visibility distances on long distance roads and software developmentPaschoudis StergiosSpecial Topics on Road DesignKanellaidis GeorgiosOct-09
842Calculation of carbon dioxide emissions from air transport in greek airspacePagoni IoannaAirport DesignPsaraki-Kalouptsidi ParaskeviOct-09
841Road safety assessment: International practices and implementation of the "IHSDM" software in GreeceBasta OuraniaSpecial Topics on Road DesignKanellaidis GeorgiosOct-09
840Comparison of modern German & American road layout regulations with new softwareMaropoulos - Kourebas FotiosSpecial Topics on Road DesignKanellaidis GeorgiosOct-09
839Pavement analysis using spectral analysis of surface waves methodZaggili MariaAdvanced Topics on PavementsLoizos AndreasOct-09
838Design and implementation of geometric algorithms for the stereometric analysis of airportsAthanasiou NikolaosAirport DesignPsaraki-Kalouptsidi ParaskeviOct-09
837Railway line laying - regulations, specifications and theoretical background of tasksSarma PinelopiRailway EngineeringLiberis KonstantinosJul-09
836Measuring the efficiency of Greek airports using non-parametric methodsKalakou SofiaAirport DesignPsaraki-Kalouptsidi ParaskeviJul-09
835Dimensioning of pavements with the new AASHTO methodGesouli AnthoulaRoad and Airport PavementsLoizos AndreasJul-09
834Positioning systems and applications in transport systems: Use of georeferenced images as cartographic backgroundRoussou AikateriniCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosFeb-09
833Evaluation of interventions in transport services, based on complaints from passengersKarapanou SofiaEvaluation and Impact of Transport Infrastructure ProjectsTsamboulas DimitriosFeb-09
832Ιnvestigation of the minimum gap from the vehicle accepted by the pedestrian for urban street mid-block crossingTheofilatos Athanasios-IoannisTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeFeb-09
831Access to a metro station: Choice of vehicle and parkingDeftos ChristoforosTransportation Systems PlanningTsamboulas DimitriosFeb-09
830Investigation of the acceptance of urban road pricingRentziou AikateriniQuantitative Methods in TransportationKarlaftis MatthewOct-08
829Traffic optimization in urban network using programming methodsBibis GeorgiosQuantitative Methods in TransportationStathopoulos AntoniosOct-08
828Development of software for plotting road horizontal and vertical alignmentVahaviolou AnastasiaSpecial Topics on Road DesignKanellaidis GeorgiosOct-08
827Development of probabilistic models for the outcome of converasations between pilots and air traffic controllers under the CPDLSSkaltsas GerasimosQuantitative Methods in TransportationKarlaftis MatthewJul-08
826Mobile phone use and traffic characteristicsPapantoniou Panagiotis Petrellis NikolaosTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeJul-08
825Drawing road layout by using free curves (splines)Theofanidis Achilleas-MariosSpecial Topics on Road DesignKanellaidis GeorgiosJul-08
824Personalized models for travel mode choices to Zografou campusAgambatian Razmik Kampitis IoannisQuantitative Methods in TransportationKarlaftis MatthewJul-08
823Port container handling facilities: Space requirements and equipment selectionPapanikolaou NikolaosCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosApr-08
822Investigation of noise recording and prediction issues from the operation of container port facilitiesBavaris VasileiosCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosApr-08
821Impact of mobile phone use on vehicle speedKarekla Xenia
Kontodima Efrosini
Traffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeApr-08
820Search via internet for public transport schedules in a specific destinationTzimboulas AntoniosTransportation Systems PlanningTsamboulas DimitriosNov-07
819Investigation of the Igoumenitsa - Ioannina railway line layoutPapapostolou EmmanouelRailway EngineeringLiberis KonstantinosNov-07
818Urban tolls in Athens: Determining prices with the method of willingness to payMilioti Christina Barlama StamatiaAdvanced Topics of Traffic EngineeringKarlaftis MatthewNov-07
817Incidents, driver information and traffic effects: Analysis using circulation dynamic distribution systemsKouretas KonstantinosQuantitative Methods in TransportationKarlaftis MatthewNov-07
816Software development for the design of an uneven trumpet-shaped nodeKarachaliou IanthiSpecial Topics on Road DesignKanellaidis GeorgiosNov-07
815Assessment of the demand for a new transport mode - The Athens tramZygogianni AikateriniTransportation Systems PlanningStathopoulos AntoniosNov-07
814Plotting a road in space using "B-Splines" curvesAthanasopoulos MichaelSpecial Topics on Road DesignKanellaidis GeorgiosNov-07
813Urban railroad route diagrams - Comparison with route diagrams of the daily practice of Electric Railway trainsKostara PanagiotaRailway EngineeringLiberis KonstantinosOct-07
812Incidents in urban signalized arteries and traffic signal coordinationXristofa EleniAdvanced Topics of Traffic EngineeringKarlaftis MatthewJul-07
811Baggage handling systems in terminalsSeraidis EfstratiosCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosJul-07
810Analysis of operating costs of container tanker vehiclesZografidis NikolaosCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosJul-07
809Eleftherios Venizelos Airport capacity calculation with a simulation modelDivaris ChristosAirport DesignPsaraki-Kalouptsidi ParaskeviJul-07
808Analysis of time windows and delays at Greek regional coordinated airportsKatsaros AthanasiosAirport DesignPsaraki-Kalouptsidi ParaskeviMay-07
807Evaluation of the freight center rail connectionKaranasiou MariaEvaluation and Impact of Transport Infrastructure ProjectsTsamboulas DimitriosMay-07
806Development of software for the design of roundaboutsAlexakis CharilaosSpecial Topics on Road DesignKanellaidis GeorgiosMay-07
805Design of a freight centre using the PROMETHEE methodFousekas AnastasiosCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosNov-06
804Estimation of the stiffness measure of asphalt pavement mixturesFourki TriantafiliiaRoad and Airport PavementsLoizos AndreasNov-06
803Correlating macroscopic road safety parameters in the European UnionTsoumani AnnaTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeNov-06
802Investigation of the planning time at Greek airportsTsagkali MariaAirport DesignPsaraki-Kalouptsidi ParaskeviNov-06
801Analysis of technical characteristics of superstructure and layout for conventional and high-speed linesTzavalas TheodorosRailway EngineeringLiberis KonstantinosNov-06
800Investigation of reliability in signalling road networksRoussis IoannisQuantitative Methods in TransportationStathopoulos AntoniosNov-06
799Public-private partnership for the construction of roads and other transport projects: Problems and prospects of the methodPetrou IoannisHighway Engineering IKaltsounis AntoniosNov-06
798Wheel/rail interface - design approach to study against increased risk of derailmentKaranasiou AlexandraRailway EngineeringLiberis KonstantinosNov-06
797Classification of load-bearing capacity of semi-rigid airport pavementsArmeni AggelikiAirport DesignLoizos AndreasNov-06
796Characteristics and number of transfers in urban transport: Calculation using POISSON regressionMichalaka DimitraRailway EngineeringKarlaftis MatthewOct-06
795Train signalling and traffic control systemsXintara Maria-AmaliaRailway EngineeringLiberis KonstantinosJul-06
794Selection of an airport site on the basis of earthworksMaroukis NikosAirport DesignKanellaidis GeorgiosJul-06
793Simulation of air cargo terminal operationsLiolios TheodorosCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosJul-06
792Quantitative investigation of groove depth based on data from accelerated pavement loading facilitiesKyriazis GeorgiosAdvanced Topics on PavementsLoizos AndreasJul-06
791Discrete patterns of moving choices for airport workersEumorfopoulos ArgyriosTransportation Systems PlanningTsamboulas DimitriosJul-06
790Correlation of pedestrian safety impact parametersAggelidaki Marianna Vernardos EmmanouelTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeJul-06
789Airport capacity and flight delays at Greek airportsEfthymiou AndreasAirport DesignPsaraki-Kalouptsidi ParaskeviJun-06
788Development of computer software for the design of an airport runway to taxiway connectionGousios StergiosAirport DesignKanellaidis GeorgiosJun-06
787Interoperability in the railway signalling system Implementation on the section Doukissis Plakentias – AirportChatziskoulidi KyriakiRailway EngineeringLiberis KonstantinosMar-06
786Airport freight terminal designTsioumas VasileiosAirport DesignBallis AthanasiosMar-06
785Technical description of the rail on American railroadsTrianti MariaRailway EngineeringLiberis KonstantinosMar-06
784Investigation of the effect of various parameters on the evaluation of pavement smoothnessTerroviti EleniRoad and Airport PavementsLoizos AndreasMar-06
783Methodology of estimating atmospheric emissions from airport operationGarefalakis AntoniosEvaluation and Impact of Transport Infrastructure ProjectsTsamboulas DimitriosMar-06
782Comparative investigation of risk parameters in the Greek motorwaysChaziris AntoniosSpecial Topics on Road DesignYannis GeorgeOct-05
781Estimation of parking design parameters in airportsRontiris Kleanthis Simou DimitraUrban Road NetworksTsamboulas DimitriosOct-05
780Investigating the determination of the percentage of empty asphalt mixesPaterakis GeorgiosAdvanced Topics on PavementsLoizos AndreasOct-05
779Real-time determination of axial loadsDilia Olga Patsarouchas AthanasiosRoad and Airport PavementsLoizos AndreasOct-05
778Methodology of hierarchy of provincial road network projects, using multi-criteria analysis: The case of the Fthiotida prefectureMitritsios DimitriosEvaluation and Impact of Transport Infrastructure ProjectsTsamboulas DimitriosOct-05
777Analyzing and Modeling Bus Running TimeIliopoulos AggelosRailway EngineeringKarlaftis MatthewOct-05
776Road pavements made of rolled concreteZiogas AthanasiosRoad and Airport PavementsKolias StylianosOct-05
775Investigation of the possibility of improving the maintenance of concrete by external use of high absorption polymersGoulielmos Panagiotis Kalantzi AlexandraRoad and Airport PavementsKolias StylianosOct-05
774Fatigue strength of cement recycled gravel and milled asphalt mix in a ratio of 50% - 50%Gianniri Marilena Karpathakis NikolaosRoad and Airport PavementsKolias StylianosOct-05
773Methodology of evaluating services provided by public transportGiannakopoulou Fransoui Tsiomita MariaTraffic Management and Road SafetyTsamboulas DimitriosOct-05
772Evaluation of pavement slipperiness using an advanced systemGeorgouli KonstantinaAdvanced Topics on PavementsLoizos AndreasOct-05
771Forecasting railway traffic noiseYdraios MichalisSafety and Maintenance of Railway TrackBallis AthanasiosJul-05
770Assessment methodology for the construction of a passenger transport centerPapacharalambous XaralambosEvaluation and Impact of Transport Infrastructure ProjectsTsamboulas DimitriosJul-05
769Willingness to pay for passenger access time at an airportNikoleris AnastasiosTransportation Systems PlanningTsamboulas DimitriosJul-05
768Creep tests on cement recycled crushed aggregate and milled asphalt mixesLakkas StylianosRoad and Airport PavementsKolias StylianosJul-05
767Development of software to set up sequences during operation and compile routes with or without delay of a next trainKouvielou Maria Economou FoteiniRailway EngineeringLiberis KonstantinosJul-05
766Passenger access survey at Athens International Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos"Karousos Iosif-AggelosAirport DesignPsaraki-Kalouptsidi ParaskeviJul-05
765Effect of high-speed trains on the capacity of a conventional railway lineDouloumbekis TheodorosRailway EngineeringLiberis KonstantinosJul-05
764Decision-making methodology for investments in port facility berthsGiannakakis DimitrisCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosJul-05
763Methodology of estimating parking demand in a provincial city: The case of KarditsaApostolou DimitriosUrban Road NetworksTsamboulas DimitriosJul-05
762Estimation of the financial charge of urban mobility under saturated conditionsPsychogyiopoulos AnastasiosAdvanced Topics of TransportKarlaftis MatthewMar-05
761Development of a method for testing the viability of a shipping lineMouzourakis Eleftherios Siragakis AttilasCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosMar-05
760Impact of temperature in the context of structural evaluation of asphalt pavementsLenia GiasemiAdvanced Topics on PavementsLoizos AndreasMar-05
759Adaptation of a simulation model to investigate operations of the seaward side of a container handling port facilityKyriakakis KonstantinosCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosMar-05
758Nonlinear optimization of optimal aircraft arrivals at an airportVlacho KleonikiAdvanced Topics of TransportKarlaftis MatthewMar-05
757Time series analysis of basic road safety parameters in selected groups of European countriesPnevmatikou A.Special Topics on Road DesignYannis GeorgeOct-04
756Impact on port facility design of the implementation of the International ISPS CodeDalianis Konstantinos Reisoglou AimiliosCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosOct-04
755Development of computer software for the design of a retractable manoeuvreBoukouras ChrysanthosSpecial Topics on Road DesignKanellaidis GeorgiosOct-04
754Airport noise and compatible land usesKapatsoris DionysiosAirport DesignBallis AthanasiosOct-04
753Parameters affecting Greek drivers’ willingness to pay for the avoidance of road accidentsAndroulakis Emmanouel Salata ApostoliaSpecial Topics on Road DesignYannis GeorgeOct-04
752Forecasting and institutional framework for dealing with traffic noiseAgrafiotou VasilikiAdvanced Topics of Highway EngineeringBallis AthanasiosOct-04
751Investigation of the correlation between traffic volume measurements and drivers along a road axisCheimonas AntonisAdvanced Topics of Traffic EngineeringGolias IoannisJul-04
750An approach for assessing airline performanceTselenti NataliaAdvanced Topics of TransportKarlaftis MatthewJul-04
749Macroscopic correlation of weather conditions and accident risk and severity in the interurban road network of GreeceNikolopoulos TheodorosTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeJul-04
748Investigation of pedestrians' behaviour regarding the section they choose to cross an urban streetMakris KonstantinosTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeJul-04
747Operating costs of freight transport by truck: Application to the Attica - Heraklion Crete axisKoloka Lambrini Bachlitzanakis KonstantinosCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosJul-04
746Approach for calculating the time of crack initiation on the pavement surface using statistical time- duration modelsKokkinou EvaggeliaRoad and Airport PavementsLoizos Andreas - Karlaftis MatthewJul-04
745Investigating the effectiveness of measures to facilitate public transportBarbalios AggelosAdvanced Topics of TransportStathopoulos AntoniosApr-04
744Determination of the soil reaction index C and compressive stresses in a section of the Electric Railway lineMoutsou GeorgiaRailway EngineeringLiberis Konstantinos - Loizos AndreasApr-04
743Investigation of the impact of gender and age on driver risk and crash typeLaiou AlexandraTraffic Management and Road SafetyGolias IoannisApr-04
742Application of image processing techniques to the investigation of asphalt and concrete structure characteristicsKorelas AggelosAdvanced Topics on PavementsBallis Athanasios - Kolias StylianosApr-04
741Investigation of the attitudes and reported behaviour of Greek drivers on road safety issues on motorways and tunnelsDimopoulou PepiSpecial Topics on Road DesignKanellaidis GeorgiosApr-04
740Analysis of undulations on the pavement surfaceDimitrellou StellaRoad and Airport PavementsLoizos AndreasApr-04
739Software development for the design of a full quadrilateral anisotropic nodeGeorgoulakos IliasSpecial Topics on Road DesignKanellaidis GeorgiosApr-04
738Evaluation of the calculation relationships of railway line layout geometry in different countriesGeorgopoulou NataliaRailway EngineeringLiberis KonstantinosApr-04
737Development of software for the design of an anisotropic rhombus nodeVarounis AthanasiosSpecial Topics on Road DesignKanellaidis GeorgiosApr-04
736Applications of new technologies on road safety and related attitude of Greek driversSigalas EleftheriosTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeDec-03
735Quantitative investigation of the occurrence of cracking on the surface of asphalt pavementsRetsinis Grigorios Savourdos MichailAdvanced Topics on PavementsLoizos Andreas - Karlaftis MatthewDec-03
734Investigation of rail connection methods to ensure the stability of the line against lateral displacementLagiou MariaRailway EngineeringLiberis KonstantinosDec-03
733Effect of temperature and percentage of milled asphalt mix on the mechanical properties of cement recycled materialsKoukos Aggelos Malas AggelosRoad and Airport PavementsKolias StylianosDec-03
732A review on bus network design and urban transit schedulingKamberaj VikelAdvanced Topics of TransportStathopoulos AntoniosDec-03
731A study on the effects of a train delay in a metropolitan railway networkKalafatas GeorgiosAdvanced Topics of TransportStathopoulos AntoniosDec-03
730Forecasting methods of future container flows in terminal facilitiesDimitriou LoukasCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsStathopoulos AntoniosDec-03
729Design of airport runway topography using splinesGianniris AggelosAirport DesignAbacoumkin Konstantinos - Mertzanis FotiosDec-03
728Investigation of the level of service offered at Athens International Airport and the state airport of Heraklion, CreteTzagkaroulakis EmmanouelAirport DesignBallis AthanasiosOct-03
727Comparative evaluation of car stations according to the way of connecting floorsNastos KonstantinosUrban Road NetworksTsamboulas DimitriosOct-03
726Macroscopic investigation of enforcement impact on road safety improvementsAgapakis Ioannis
Miyaki Effie
Traffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeOct-03
725Investigation of the influence of train failure on a railway network route where urban and suburban trains coexistLyritzis Georgios Christoforou ZoiRailway EngineeringLiberis KonstantinosOct-03
724Investigation of operations and service level at the international passenger station of the port of PiraeusKatsaris GeorgiosCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosOct-03
723In-depth investigation of Greek and other European drivers' attitude towards speedingKatsogiannos Serafeim
Kamvisis Mihail
Traffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeOct-03
722Vehicle operating costsDendrinos Andreas Leontiou MariaCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsOct-03
721The Process of traffic planning in LebanonAl Sammas AbdallaTransportation Systems PlanningStathopoulos AntoniosOct-03
720Changes of Greek drivers' behaviour towards the probability of accident involvementAlefantinos - Lais IoannisTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeOct-03
719Mechanical characteristics of gravels treated with cement and emulsion in small proportionLymperopoulou AnastasiaRoad and Airport PavementsKolias StylianosJul-03
718Structural reference of rigid airport pavementsKatsoulas PetrosAirport DesignLoizos AndreasJul-03
717Measurement of creep in cement-recycled mixtures of milled asphalt mixes and crushed gravelDrolia Krinio-Maria Feradourou AfroditiRoad and Airport PavementsKolias StylianosJul-03
716Investigation of flexural strength and compressive strength in cement recycled mixtures of milled asphalt mix and crushed gravelBonortas Panagiotis Zoumpoulas KonstantinosRoad and Airport PavementsKolias StylianosJul-03
715Placement of assistance vehicle stations along the roadFlessas AlexandrosAdvanced Topics of TransportStathopoulos AntoniosApr-03
714Speed - traffic volumes ratio on a motorway and reduction of the risk by applying speed limits per laneTsianos AthanasiosTraffic Management and Road SafetyGolias IoannisApr-03
713Preliminary evaluation and comparative analysis of pavement management systemsPapanikolaou LeonidasAdvanced Topics on PavementsLoizos AndreasApr-03
712Management of motorways as fixed assets: Approach based on their life cycle cost and system theoryPantelias AristeidisEvaluation and Impact of Transport Infrastructure ProjectsTsamboulas DimitriosApr-03
711Mechanical characteristics of gravels treated with a combination of emulsion and small amounts of cement.Bountas Georgios Tserepas AndreasRoad and Airport PavementsKolias StylianosApr-03
710Evaluation of pavement surface texture using laser technologiesMarkou DimitriosRoad and Airport PavementsLoizos AndreasApr-03
709Assessment of motorway creation impact on road safety with the use of before-and-after methodologiesEvangeliou PanagiotisTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeApr-03
708Design of port car handling terminalsGriva Christina Stamatopoulos MyronCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosApr-03
707Investigation of the characteristics of concrete sorption and desorptionGrigoriadou Nikoleta Lazaridi EleniAdvanced Topics on PavementsKolias StylianosApr-03
706Evaluation of marine connections as alternative to road connections, for road passenger tripsGrigoriadis GeorgiosEvaluation and Impact of Transport Infrastructure ProjectsTsamboulas DimitriosApr-03
705Checking, evaluating and improving a patent on the subject of energy generation from vehicle motionGoulis AndreasCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsBallis AthanasiosApr-03
704Utilization of the pseudo tensile strength of unbonded pavement materials for the determination of their elasticity modulusGeorgiou PanagiotisAdvanced Topics on PavementsLoizos AndreasApr-03
703Design, organisation and operation of a long-distance bus terminal in a provincial city: Application in the city of VolosVelanis GeorgiosCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsStathopoulos AntoniosApr-03
702Mechanical characteristics of gravels treated with cement and emulsion in small proportionAlexandrakis StavrosRoad and Airport PavementsKolias StylianosApr-03
701Investigation of the traffic impact of parking a delivery truck on a two-lane one-way urban roadSiafi IoannaAdvanced Topics of Traffic EngineeringGolias IoannisNov-02
700Investigation of relative risk impact of median in interurban road network segmentsBournelaki EleftheriaTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeNov-02
699Proposal for the construction of a motorway in Anavissos, AtticaMarkessinis A.Highway Engineering IKanellaidis GeorgiosNov-02
698Route prioritization software based on minimizing single line occupancy timeTheodorou StylianosRailway EngineeringLiberis KonstantinosNov-02
697Investigation of the feasibility of the application of the portable pressure weight deformometers (P/FWD) in the context of the structural evaluation of asphalt pavementsZaxos GeorgiosAdvanced Topics on PavementsLoizos AndreasNov-02
696Investigation of system operation reliability. Application to bus lines in AthensDaskalakis NikolaosCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsStathopoulos AntoniosNov-02
695Effect of the new cement type (ELOT EN197-1) on the capillary adsorption characteristics of concreteAsimi FoteiniAdvanced Topics on PavementsKolias StylianosNov-02
694Design methodologies of multi -modal passenger facilities - Application in the Attiko Metro stationsAndredakis Nikos Patala MariaCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsStathopoulos AntoniosNov-02
693Trains with tilting bodywork - prospects for their application in the Greek networkAlexandrou DimitriosRailway EngineeringLiberis KonstantinosNov-02
692Methodology for comparative evaluation of railway companiesFragos A.Evaluation and Impact of Transport Infrastructure ProjectsTsamboulas DimitriosJul-02
691Multicriteria evaluation of project management softwares applied to transport projectsMavroidi MariaEvaluation and Impact of Transport Infrastructure ProjectsTsamboulas DimitriosJul-02
690Investigation of low cost engineering measures' impact on road safety in urban areasGeorgopoulou XeniaTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeJul-02
689Investigation of the correlation of the driver's blood alcohol level with their stated intention to drivePerimeni Evaggelia Stavrianopoulou TheodoraAdvanced Topics of Traffic EngineeringKarlaftis MatthewMar-02
688Investigating young drivers' perceptions of urban road safety levelsPapagianni Styliani Papakosma ElliAdvanced Topics of Traffic EngineeringGolias IoannisMar-02
687Using nonlinear patterns to analyze the influence of policing on road accidentsNasiopoulos AntoniosAdvanced Topics of Traffic EngineeringKarlaftis MatthewMar-02
686Development of a model for the calculation of economic benefits from the reduction in the number of road accidentsLiakopoulos DimitriosTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeMar-02
685Investigation of users' perceptions and opinions on the risk of road works locationsKaramiti TheodoraSpecial Topics on Road DesignKanellaidis GeorgiosMar-02
684Investigation of relative accident risk by driver age in relation to selected geometrical characteristics by the use of linear regressionKapotsis GeorgeTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeMar-02
683Investigation of road safety parameter prediction models in GreeceGiavasoglou AristeidisTraffic Management and Road SafetyGolias IoannisMar-02
682On-site cold recycling of cement pavementsAvloniti AikateriniAdvanced Topics on PavementsKolias StylianosMar-02
681Identification of road accident human cost and driver sensitivity towards accident risk. Use of methods willingness-to-pay and stated preferenceAggeloussi K, Kanellopoulou A.Traffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeMar-02
680Sensitivity analysis of Greek drivers' stated preference towards enforcement for road safetyHalapas StamatisTraffic Management and Road SafetyYannis GeorgeNov-01
679Cement paste contraction. Comparison of the behaviour of different types of cement and influencing factorsSygkouna AthinaAdvanced Topics on PavementsKolias StylianosNov-01
678Choice of means of transport by applying the discriminant analysis model on the Athens/Piraeus - Crete routeSavioli KaterinaTransportation Systems PlanningStathopoulos AntoniosNov-01
677Investigation of seat belt use and its impact on road safetyPolizoi A.Traffic Management and Road SafetyGolias IoannisNov-01
676Methodology for evaluation of the short-range shipping lines and application in the connection between Volos and SmyrniPapadellis GeorgiosEvaluation and Impact of Transport Infrastructure ProjectsTsamboulas DimitriosNov-01
675Simulation models for predicting the evolution of pavement failure behaviourManolis AndreasRoad and Airport PavementsLoizos AndreasNov-01
674Investigation of the traffic capacity of a confluence manoeuvre with a flashing yellow light at an intersection with traffic lightsMantouvalos M.Urban Road NetworksGolias IoannisNov-01
673Urban transportation network planning for trips to the center of TripoliKalantzis StavrosTraffic Management and Road SafetyTsamboulas DimitriosNov-01
672The Spanish experience in porous asphalt mixesTheocharidis MichalisAdvanced Topics on PavementsKolias StylianosNov-01
671Investigation of Greek drivers' views on speed management issues in the interurban road networkGkritza Konstantina Theochari TheodoraSpecial Topics on Road DesignKanellaidis GeorgiosNov-01
670Investigation of the correlation between drivers' views on policing and their attitudes towards speedingBrachnou AmaliaSpecial Topics on Road DesignKanellaidis GeorgiosNov-01
669Short-term traffic volume prediction in urban areas using neural networksVlachogianni EleniAdvanced Topics of Traffic EngineeringKarlaftis MatthewNov-01
668Mechanical characteristics of recycled asphalt mixturesSegredakis LoukasRoad and Airport PavementsKolias StylianosSep-01
667Creating mathematical models for predicting incoming vehicles and spending on car service stationsEvgenikos Petros Stroggiloudis AggelosEvaluation and Impact of Transport Infrastructure ProjectsTsamboulas DimitriosSep-01
666Development of a charging methodology for the use of the road network of a city - proposals for implementation in the city of AthensVarounis MichailTransportation Systems PlanningStathopoulos AntoniosSep-01
665Investigating drivers' perceptions of the quality of service on interurban roadsMylona Varvara Papadimitriou EleonoraTraffic FlowGolias IoannisJul-01
664Investigating the influence of advanced telematics systems on urban mobilityKanellaidi AsiminaTransportation Systems PlanningStathopoulos AntoniosJul-01
663Influence of the amount of cement and water on the water absorption of concreteSpanaki Foteini Paraskevopoulou AikateriniRoad and Airport PavementsKolias StylianosMar-01
662Simulation of semi-rigid pavements using finite elementsPistis DimitriosRoad and Airport PavementsLoizos AndreasMar-01
661Computer contribution to airport site selection based on earthworks in obstacle areasMakris Konstantinos Ntounis GeorgiosAirport DesignAbacoumkin Konstantinos - Mertzanis FotiosMar-01
660Investigation of the saturation flow of a right-turn lane at an intersection with traffic lightsKarandinos CharisTraffic FlowGolias IoannisMar-01
659Exploring European drivers' views on road safety issuesPanagolia ChristinaSpecial Topics on Road DesignKanellaidis GeorgiosOct-00
658Investigating the correlation between drivers' characteristics and their self-assessmentKotzambasakis IoannisSpecial Topics on Road DesignKanellaidis GeorgiosOct-00
657Development of algorithms to control road spatial layoutDragomanovitz AnastasiosSpecial Topics on Road DesignKanellaidis GeorgiosOct-00
656Mechanical characteristics of recycled emulsion and cement asphalt mixturesGiannakidis Asterios Kyriazis ZachariasAdvanced Topics on PavementsKolias StylianosOct-00
655Investigating the choice of access to metro stationsVoulodimou AikateriniUrban Road NetworksGolias IoannisJul-00
654Comparison of road specifications for level and unlevel junctionsTsoutras VasileiosHighway Engineering IKanellaidis GeorgiosMar-00
653Evaluation of a pavement behaviour prediction systemSotiropoulos GeorgiosAdvanced Topics on PavementsLoizos AndreasMar-00
652Evaluation of asphalt mixes of SMA typePrapidis ApollonRoad and Airport PavementsLoizos AndreasMar-00
651Investigation of saturation flow at an intersection with a protected left turn without a dedicated lanePorikou ViolettaUrban Road NetworksGolias IoannisMar-00
650Investigation of the possibility of making self-compacting concretePolyzois AgamemnonAdvanced Topics on PavementsKolias StylianosMar-00
649Effect of cement paste volume on the strength of concreteMaistrali KyriakiRoad and Airport PavementsKolias StylianosMar-00
648Investigation of the opinions and behaviour of drivers in Cyprus on motorway driving and comparison with drivers in GreeceLouka GeorgiaSpecial Topics on Road DesignKanellaidis GeorgiosMar-00
647Investigation of the mechanical properties of roller concrete in the laboratoryKyrpianidou AthinaRoad and Airport PavementsKolias StylianosMar-00
646Assessment of the importance of transport projects' evaluation criteria in GreeceKopsachili AggelikiEvaluation and Impact of Transport Infrastructure ProjectsTsamboulas DimitriosMar-00
645Effect of the amount of cement paste and the N/T ratio on the water absorption of concreteKoufogianni FotiniRoad and Airport PavementsKolias StylianosMar-00
644Investigation of the traffic impacts of taxi traffic on urban roadsDompazi NikolettaTraffic FlowGolias IoannisMar-00
643Model for the choice of means of transport between Athens – Heraklion, CretePetrougaki E.Transportation Systems PlanningStathopoulos AntoniosOct-99
642Risk parameters for level railway crossingsMoschovou Tatiana Stavropoulou EvaggeliaTraffic Management and Road SafetyGolias IoannisOct-99
641Pavement analysis with advanced finite element simulationsMitsios KonstantinosAdvanced Topics on PavementsLoizos AndreasOct-99
640Investigating drivers' opinions and behaviour on motorway driving issuesMatsouris K. Papamitropoulos P.Special Topics on Road DesignKanellaidis GeorgiosOct-99
639Comparative analysis of sophisticated flexible pavementsGerardi Maria - ElliAdvanced Topics on PavementsLoizos AndreasOct-99
638Investigation of the effect of traffic parameters on the saturation flow of a left-turn exclusive lane of a signalized intersection with reversalVlachogianni EleniUrban Road NetworksGolias IoannisOct-99
637Development of computer software for the design of road junctionsKepaptsoglou KonstantinosAdvanced Topics of Highway EngineeringKanellaidis GeorgiosJul-99
636Planning of public transport systems - Application to bus linesThanasoulas NikitasAdvanced Topics of TransportStathopoulos AntoniosJul-99
635Investigation of the factors affecting the durability of concreteDilaveri Paraskevi Zagorianakos ChristosAdvanced Topics on PavementsKolias StylianosJul-99
634An integrated mathematical approach for road network segmentation and optimal positioning of emergency vehicles, using spatial queuesGeroliminis NikolaosAdvanced Topics of TransportKarlaftis MatthewJul-99
633Contribution to the structural classification of airport pavementsChasiotou IoannaAirport DesignAbacoumkin Konstantinos - Loizos AndreasMar-99
632Investigation of the applicability of the drilling method in the assessment of the strength of bricks and rocksFarach NatzmbRoad and Airport PavementsKolias StylianosMar-99
631Investigating the behaviour of secondary road drivers at priority intersectionsBatzias SotiriosTraffic FlowGolias IoannisMar-99
630The effect of the sand characteristics of chibentoco-nanometer sands on the determination of their strength by the drilling methodKakridoni EustathiaAdvanced Topics on PavementsKolias StylianosMar-99
629Techno-economic comparison of flexible, rigid heavy traffic pavements, based on machine ownership data and market pricesKakoulas GeorgiosAdvanced Topics on PavementsKolias Stylianos - Tsamboulas DimitriosMar-99
628Simulation of the bus stop for passengers boarding and disembarking in relation to the indicator of the traffic lightGkiokas PanagiotisTraffic Management and Road SafetyTsamboulas DimitriosMar-99
627Investigation of factors affecting the permeability of concreteAravantinou-Fatorou Aikaterini Dimitropoulos VasileiosRoad and Airport PavementsKolias StylianosMar-99
626Methods to estimate aircraft noise in the vicinity of airports for land use planningAdamopoulos KonstantinosAirport DesignAbacoumkin Konstantinos - Mertzanis FotiosMar-99
625Evaluation of pavements including a bearing layer with a stabilized fly ash soil materialSoumbasi MariaAdvanced Topics on PavementsKolias StylianosOct-98
624Influence of seat belt use on the number and severity of crashesPolysis EvaggelosTraffic Management and Road SafetyGolias IoannisOct-98
623Smoothness in the context of pavement performancePlati ChristinaRoad and Airport PavementsLoizos AndreasOct-98
622Comparative presentation of traffic characteristics of two cities of Syria Damascus - AleppoBassam MachmoutTraffic Management and Road SafetyTsamboulas DimitriosOct-98
621Investigation of the average speed-load relationship on two-lane suburban roads in each directionMolymbakis G., Bilanakis N.Urban Road NetworksGolias IoannisOct-98
620Establishing a total quality management system for non-urban transport: intercity - county transportMavroidis KonstantinosAdvanced Topics of TransportStathopoulos AntoniosOct-98
619Investigation of older drivers' views and behaviour on the risk of interurban road geometric features and comparison with those of younger driversKaragioules VasileiosSpecial Topics on Road DesignKanellaidis GeorgiosOct-98
618Airport optimum seat search programKarageorgis G.Airport DesignAbacoumkin Konstantinos - Mertzanis FotiosOct-98
617Specifications of the Road Safety AuditTheocharis EfthimiosSpecial Topics on Road DesignKanellaidis GeorgiosOct-98
616Perspective display of road layout and drivers' perception of the layout in spaceTaiganidi EleniHighway Engineering IΙKanellaidis GeorgiosOct-98
615Contribution to the factors affecting the durability of concreteGerimezi Efstathia Zotalis IraklisAdvanced Topics on PavementsKolias StylianosOct-98
614Evaluation of methods for calculating pavement reinstatementFoulis TheodoulosAdvanced Topics on PavementsLoizos AndreasJul-98
613Study of pavement cracking with the help of engineering failure assumptionsToulias Georgios-AlexandrosRoad and Airport PavementsLoizos AndreasJul-98
612Contribution in the context of exploiting a dynamic measure of stiffness of a roadbedPolymilis IoannisAdvanced Topics on PavementsLoizos AndreasJul-98
611Investigation of the relationship between the number of crashes and the geometric characteristics of an interurban roadPetridou E.Traffic Management and Road SafetyGolias IoannisJul-98
610Particular land uses in the main road network. Genesis of movements, parking and access managementPalaiologos L.Traffic Management and Road SafetyFrantzeskakis IoannisJul-98
609Perspective visualization of the streetsBibakis IoannisSpecial Topics on Road DesignKanellaidis GeorgiosJul-98
608Determination of the operational speed on two-lane interurban roadsBaladimas DimitriosHighway Engineering IKanellaidis GeorgiosJul-98
607Investigating the potential of stabilizing soil materials by reducing heart ashKarachalios AnastasiosRoad and Airport PavementsKolias StylianosJul-98
606Investigation of the regulations governing unguarded level crossingsGiannimaras AthanasiosRailway EngineeringAbacoumkin KonstantinosJul-98
605Investigating drivers' views on road safety issues on interurban roadsCharvatis MichalisHighway Engineering IKanellaidis GeorgiosMar-98
604Comparison of civil and military airport regulationsChalkiopoulos ChristosAirport DesignAbacoumkin Konstantinos - Mertzanis FotiosMar-98
603The influence of sand type on the strength assessment of cement mortars by the punching methodStouka OlgaRoad and Airport PavementsKolias StylianosMar-98
602Methods of concession of transport projects: A comparative assessmentPolitou DespinaEvaluation and Impact of Transport Infrastructure ProjectsTsamboulas DimitriosMar-98
601Investigation of drivers' behaviour towards parking in the centre of TrikalaBraki E., Togelos B.Urban Road NetworksGolias IoannisMar-98
600Investigation of the impact of two-axle lorries on the traffic of urban intersections with traffic signalsKordonouris PanagiotisTraffic FlowFrantzeskakis IoannisMar-98
599Developing a method for assessing special bus lanesGrigoraki Z.Evaluation and Impact of Transport Infrastructure ProjectsTsamboulas DimitriosMar-98
598Road accidents in urban intersectionsChouliara StratigoulaTraffic Management and Road SafetyFrantzeskakis Ioannis - Chandanos IoannisFeb-98
597Traffic and parking characteristics and land use access managementPalaiologos P.Urban Road NetworksFrantzeskakis Ioannis - Chandanos IoannisFeb-98
596Equivalence of passenger carsKordonouris P.Urban Road NetworksFrantzeskakis Ioannis - Chandanos IoannisFeb-98
595PCN determination of flexible airport pavementsFakinos GiannisAirport DesignLoizos AndreasOct-97
594The old town of Heraklion. Traffic interventions. Promotion of cultural potentialStriligkas IoannisTraffic Management and Road SafetyGolias Ioannis - Mavridou - SarigianniOct-97
593Study of the influence of two-wheeler traffic at urban intersections with traffic lightsSerbis Dimitris, Spiropoulou IoannaUrban Road NetworksGolias IoannisOct-97
592Geometric design of interurban roadsPanagopoulos G.Highway Engineering IKanellaidis GeorgiosOct-97
591Influence of traffic parameters and lighting conditions on the elapsed time at an intersection with traffic lights or signalsBourtsoukli M., Roussopoulou I.Urban Road NetworksGolias IoannisOct-97
590Development of a dynamic traffic map of AthensMouzakitis G.Combined Transport - Advanced SystemsStathopoulos AntoniosOct-97
589Recording of the rolling stock of Hellenic Train and investigation of the immobilisation of the standard line's traction unitsKontolaimakis I.Railway EngineeringAbacoumkin Konstantinos - Liberis KonstantinosOct-97
588Crash investigation in terms of road characteristicsDoxastakisUrban Road NetworksGolias Ioannis - Chandanos IoannisOct-97
587Investigation of the opinions and behaviour of Greek elderly drivers on road safety issues on urban roadsArgyropoulou MarousoSpecial Topics on Road DesignKanellaidis GeorgiosOct-97
586Study of the composition of bituminous mixtures with emulsion based on the investigation of their mechanical characteristicsArgyriou Georgios Gorogias NikolaosRoad and Airport PavementsKolias StylianosOct-97
585Investigation of the relationship between travel speed and traffic diameter on two-lane interurban roadsAnastasopoulos A.Traffic FlowGolias IoannisOct-97
584Investigation of the durability of concreteAnagnostaki Christina Kesanopoulos IliasRoad and Airport PavementsKolias StylianosOct-97
583Reliability of the intercity transport system (road and rail). The Athens - Nafplio connectionTavoularis DimitriosTransportation Systems PlanningStathopoulos AntoniosJul-97
582Assessing the impact on the network of real-time user informationMoutsopoulos KostasAdvanced Topics of TransportStathopoulos AntoniosJul-97
581Reorganisation of bus lines and routes. Application in the Prefecture of ArkadiaKarantonis P., Babalis S.Traffic Management and Road SafetyTsamboulas DimitriosJul-97
580Investigation of the production process of a ready-mixed concrete production plantZeakis Theodoros Siavelis DimitriosRoad and Airport PavementsKolias StylianosJul-97
579Traffic management impact on urban road safety of LarissaDrandaki Maria Patris GeorgiosTraffic Management and Road SafetyFrantzeskakis Ioannis - Chandanos IoannisJul-97
578Evaluation of special bus lanesGrigoraki Z.Traffic Management and Road SafetyTsamboulas Dimitrios - Frantzeskakis IoannisJul-97
577Investigation of the effect of inversions on left-turn traffic operationAggelidakis Apostolos Agrogiannis MichailTraffic FlowGolias IoannisJul-97
576Comparative Study of Analytical Methods and AASHTO Method in the context of Flexible Pavement DesignTillirou A.Road and Airport PavementsLoizos AndreasFeb-97
575Airport study in ArgolidaSeretopoulos AlexandrosAirport DesignAbacoumkin KonstantinosFeb-97
574Analysis of parameters in the context of a composition study of conventional and modified asphalt mixturesKontele E.Advanced Topics on PavementsLoizos AndreasFeb-97
573Transport policy in Athens. History - problems - prospectsKalantzopoulou MariaTraffic Management and Road SafetyFrantzeskakis Ioannis - Madouvalou - VlastosFeb-97
572Dynamic estimation of network link loads directly from traffic load measurementsEfstathopoulos NikolaosCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsStathopoulos AntoniosFeb-97
571Motorcycle accidentsAnastasakis P.Traffic Management and Road SafetyFrantzeskakis Ioannis - Chandanos IoannisFeb-97
570Comparison of limestone filler and cement filler in terms of their effect. on the stiffness modulus and permanent deformation of asphalt mixesStathatos F.Road and Airport PavementsKolias StylianosOct-96
569Study of waiting time for passengers at bus stopsMalliou KonstantinaTraffic Management and Road SafetyTsamboulas Dimitrios - Frantzeskakis IoannisOct-96
568Road safety in the Prefecture of KefalliniaKoutava IouliaTraffic Management and Road SafetyFrantzeskakis Ioannis - Chandanos IoannisOct-96
567Investigation of the hydration characteristics of concreteKoreli Evaggelia Leimoni ZinoviaAdvanced Topics on PavementsKolias StylianosOct-96
566Parking organisation along the curb in the municipalities of GreeceKontellis DimitrisUrban Road NetworksFrantzeskakis IoannisOct-96
565Investigation of Greek elderly drivers' views on speed and risk issues on long-distance roadsKaradimas ChristosSpecial Topics on Road DesignKanellaidis GeorgiosOct-96
564Investigation of the possibility of estimating the strength of cement mortar by the accelerated curing methodKakanas Konstantinos Kolombakis StavrosAdvanced Topics on PavementsKolias StylianosOct-96
563Mechanical characteristics of lightweight concrete with expanded polystyrene aggregatesZafolias Aristeidis Kombotiatis PanagiotisAdvanced Topics on PavementsKolias StylianosOct-96
562Utilisation of insurance companies dataGoniadis GeorgiosTraffic Management and Road SafetyFrantzeskakis Ioannis - Chandanos IoannisOct-96
561Terminal space allocation optimization programChatzis NikolaosAirport DesignAbacoumkin KonstantinosSep-96
560Structural control of road pavements railwaysCharonitis GeorgiosAirport DesignLoizos AndreasSep-96
559Road safety in Cyprus. Comparative investigation with Greece and the EUPourountidou ElenaTraffic Management and Road SafetyFrantzeskakis Ioannis - Chandanos IoannisJul-96
558Macroscopic traffic forecasting along a road axisPerivolari FoteiniAdvanced Topics of TransportStathopoulos AntoniosJul-96
557Investigation of the application of road pricing to an extensive network of projectsPapapetrou ChristinaCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsStathopoulos AntoniosJul-96
556Use of geotextiles in the context of asphalt pavement maintenancePapakonstantinou K., Rontiri G.Advanced Topics on PavementsLoizos AndreasJul-96
555Investigation of drivers' perception of risk and intensive conditionPapadopoulos FrixosTraffic Management and Road SafetyGolias IoannisJul-96
554Mechanical characteristics of asphalt bonds: 1) Elasticity - stiffness measures 2) Constitutional law of asphalt concrete behaviour in uniaxial compression 3) Mechanism of failure - bucklingPapadimas K.Road and Airport PavementsKolias StylianosJul-96
553Investigation of the degree of utilisation of passenger vehicles and two-wheelers in a medium-sized provincial townIona M.Traffic FlowGolias IoannisJul-96
552Investigation of mortar strength assessment by measurement of drilling time and porosityDouma X.Road and Airport PavementsKolias StylianosJul-96
551Spreading peak periods on saturated networksGavalas F.Traffic FlowFrantzeskakis IoannisJul-96
550The operation of a bus line. Statistical analysis and planningVoureka I., Sevastaki G.Traffic Management and Road SafetyTsamboulas DimitriosJul-96
549Calculation of airport subsidence using four ground simulation modelsMalindretos GeorgiosAirport DesignAbacoumkin KonstantinosJun-96
548Investigation of in-situ strength assessment of lime mortars and pozzolanic-lime mortars by measurement of porosity-measured punching characteristicsPapadopoulos KonstantinosRoad and Airport PavementsKolias StylianosFeb-96
547Investigation of the potential application of the principles of fracture mechanics to the strength of asphalt mixtures and cement stabilized materialsKafiris DimitriosRoad and Airport PavementsKolias StylianosFeb-96
546Investigating the effectiveness of dynamic traffic-related messagingDeligeorgi AgrippinaCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsStathopoulos AntoniosFeb-96
545Kastoria airport expansion studyTsiragakis E.AirportsAbacoumkin KonstantinosFeb-96
544Investigation of controlled parking characteristics in the city of LamiaRizopoulos G.Urban Road NetworksTsamboulas Dimitrios - Frantzeskakis IoannisFeb-96
543Dynamic simulation of recording illegal parkingPetri O, Ragousis N.Urban Road NetworksTsamboulas Dimitrios - Frantzeskakis IoannisFeb-96
542Model for selecting a means of transport to the center of Agrinio. Apply for parking policyPapadopoulou A.Urban Road NetworksTsamboulas DimitriosFeb-96
541Investigatig the need to build a new airport and examining possible locations on the island of ParosManiatis NikolaosAirport DesignAbacoumkin Konstantinos - Mertzanis FotiosFeb-96
540Preliminary clarification of the applicability of fibre-reinforced concrete in infrastructure projectsKritikou GeorgiaAdvanced Topics on PavementsLoizos AndreasFeb-96
539Prospective visualization of road layout using computer programsTrakos NikosHighway Engineering IKanellaidis GeorgiosOct-95
538Macroscopic analysis of road accidents involving casualties of 12 EU countriesStathakis S., Tzanakis A.Traffic Management and Road SafetyFrantzeskakis IoannisOct-95
537Future development and potential for improvement of Heraklion AirportSeimenis N.AirportsAbacoumkin KonstantinosOct-95
536Correlation of strength with porosity and water absorption in mortarsPetrakaki E.Road and Airport PavementsKolias StylianosOct-95
535Move / transfer characteristics at Metro Stations Eirini, Maroussi and N. FaliroPapachantzakis KonstantinosTraffic Management and Road SafetyFrantzeskakis IoannisOct-95
534Benefits from the implementation of the TRANSYT program in LarissaDatsis G., Pelantakis StylianosTraffic Management and Road SafetyFrantzeskakis Ioannis - Chandanos IoannisOct-95
533Evaluation of the A.C.N-P.C.N method for flexible airport pavementsBathrellos H.Airport DesignAbacoumkin KonstantinosOct-95
532Investigation of traffic conditions in the area of the confluence with an expresswayLagogiannis Th., Stefanakis V.Traffic FlowGolias IoannisOct-95
531Development of mathematical models for the calculation of aircraft delaysKostopoulos K.Airport DesignAbacoumkin KonstantinosOct-95
530Comparison of car and motorcycle drivers' perception of risk on interurban roadsKozobolis AnastasiosHighway Engineering IKanellaidis GeorgiosOct-95
529Investigation for the new Airport construction site in LerosKastellorizou M.AirportsAbacoumkin KonstantinosOct-95
528Multicriteria analyses and application of the QUALIFLEX method to a specific projectDroulias IraklisCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsAbacoumkin KonstantinosOct-95
527Effect of various admixtures on the properties and especially on the strength of very high strength concreteDanilatos Z., Zavliaris DimitrisRoad and Airport PavementsKolias StylianosOct-95
526Investigating vehicle accidents. Application on the PATHE axisGlezellis M., Zacharos E.Traffic Management and Road SafetyFrantzeskakis Ioannis - Chandanos IoannisOct-95
525Investigation of the behaviour and opinions of Greek racing drivers on driving issuesGikas Th.Highway Engineering IKanellaidis GeorgiosOct-95
524Methods of multicriteria evaluation of transport projectsGiotis GeorgiosEvaluation and Impact of Transport Infrastructure ProjectsTsamboulas DimitriosOct-95
523Configuration of transfer areas at the metro station in AthensVoutiritsa A., Konstantopoulos N.Traffic Management and Road SafetyTzouvadakis Ioannis - Frantzeskakis IoannisOct-95
522Analysis of parameters of vehicle movement dynamics on interurban road curvesVagdatlis Ch.Highway Engineering IKanellaidis GeorgiosOct-95
521Helicopters. Features - Selection - ApplicationMitsi M. L.Airport DesignAbacoumkin KonstantinosSep-95
520Traffic Code violations in GreecePolitopoulos Th.Traffic Management and Road SafetyTsamboulas DimitriosJul-95
519Investigating drivers' perceptions of the risk of the geometric characteristics of two-lane interurban roadsZervas AnastasiosHighway Engineering IKanellaidis GeorgiosJul-95
518Accidents at road and rail junctionsVlassis M., Vlassis P.Traffic Management and Road SafetyFrantzeskakis Ioannis - Chandanos IoannisJul-95
517Implementation of GIS in Road SafetyAntoniou KonstantinosTraffic Management and Road SafetyFrantzeskakis IoannisJul-95
516Influence of various factors on the determination of porosity and the resulting estimation of concrete strengthKrika Z., Lalogianni M.Road and Airport PavementsKolias StylianosMar-95
515Investigation for the selection of a new location for Thessaloniki airportKoufogiannaki Z.Airport DesignAbacoumkin Konstantinos - Mertzanis FotiosMar-95
514Preventive traffic control to limit air pollution episodes by means of a mechanism to determine the effect of meteorological conditions on the concentrations of gaseous pollutantsKatonidis IoannisCombined Transport - Advanced SystemsStathopoulos AntoniosMar-95
513Investigation of the current situation and future proposals for the Thessaloniki International Airport "Macedonia"Vouloumanos G., Charamoglis A.Airport DesignAbacoumkin KonstantinosMar-95
512Preferential treatment of buses at signalized intersections of Kifissia AvenueTsiptsi K.Combined Transport - Advanced SystemsStathopoulos AntoniosOct-94
511Relationship between speeds and traffic parameters on two-lane roadsXidas S., Panagiotopoulou I.Traffic FlowGolias IoannisOct-94
510Convert mixed traffic to equivalent Standard Axis trafficMourkakos P.Road and Airport PavementsKolias StylianosOct-94
509Functional evaluation of flexible pavements using fuzzy set theoryMichali M., Triviza P.Road and Airport PavementsLoizos AndreasOct-94
508Correlation between strength and porosity of cement mortarsLinardos S.Road and Airport PavementsKolias StylianosOct-94
507Investigation of the mechanical properties of rolled concrete with and without the addition of Greek fly ashKalogiannis P., Koilakos A.Road and Airport PavementsKolias StylianosOct-94
506Investigation of accidents by type of vehicle. Implementation on the PATHE axis and labeling of hazardous locationsVlitis A.Traffic Management and Road SafetyFrantzeskakis IoannisOct-94
505Experimental determination of the stiffness measure in asphalt mixtures used in Greek roadsAntonopoulou F., Papandreou F.Road and Airport PavementsKolias StylianosOct-94
504Fatigue of asphalt mixesAmaxopoulou E.Road and Airport PavementsKolias StylianosOct-94
503Influence of commercial vehicle traffic parameters on the wear of flexible pavements - calculation of wear indicators on the national networkAggelopoulou A., Vlachos K.Road and Airport PavementsKolias StylianosOct-94
502Pedestrian road accidentsPapapanagiotou G., Saratsis G.Traffic Management and Road SafetyFrantzeskakis IoannisJul-94
501Evaluation of the smoothness of flexible pavementsPapanikolaou B.Road and Airport PavementsLoizos AndreasJul-94
500Automation in the design and assurance of ideal obstacle containment surfaces on an airport runwayKyritsis F.Airport DesignAbacoumkin KonstantinosJul-94
499Determination of the number of lines in groups of passenger lines at stations based on the time sequence of trains and the time of occupation of the linesKyriopoulou D.Railway EngineeringAbacoumkin KonstantinosJul-94
498A comparative literature review of regulations and research on geometric design of interurban roadsKoubelis P.Highway Engineering IKanellaidis GeorgiosJul-94
497Restructuring of urban and suburban lines in KozaniKarkantzos S.Traffic Management and Road SafetyFrantzeskakis IoannisJul-94
496Analysis of flexible pavements with finite elementsTheodoropoulos P.Road and Airport PavementsLoizos AndreasJul-94
495Exit entrances to interstate highways in the areas of interchange intersections (AASHTO, RAS-U-2, VSS2, KMEI regulations)Avgerikos L.Advanced Topics of Highway EngineeringMalerdos GeorgiosJul-94
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493Multi-criteria methodological framework for hazardous cargo route selectionAigidis B.Transportation Systems PlanningZografos K.Jul-94
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