During the last 40 years 40 PhD Theses were carried out at the Department of Transportation Planning and Engineering, covering several fields of the transportation engineering science. Currently there are 33 PhD Theses under preparation.

PhD Theses Completed

42Fafoutellis PanagiotisTraffic Theory Inspired Spatiotemporal and Multimodal Deep Learning Models for Trustworthy Short-Term Urban Traffic ForecastingE. Vlachogianni2024
41Nikolaou DimitriosMachine learning-based road crash risk assessment fusing infrastructure, traffic and driver behaviour dataG. Yannis2024
40Armeni AggelikiInvestigation of airfield pavements’ evaluation parametersA. Loizos2022
39Mintsis EvangelosMathematical models for dynamic eco-driving in signalized intersections in the context of cooperative intelligent transportation systemsE. Vlachogianni2022
38Mantouka EleniDeep Reinforcement Leaning Traffic Models for Personalized Driving RecommendationsE. Vlachogianni2022
37Gkyrtis KonstantinosInvestigation of asphalt pavements mechanical performanceA. Loizos2021
36Pomoni MariaInvestigation of asphalt pavements surface friction in the framework of sustainable road infrastructuresC. Plati2021
35Konstantinidou MariaDevelopment of a model for the optimization of network operation in the aftermath of a catastrophic eventA. Stathopoulos2020
34Ziakopoulos ApostolosHigh resolution spatio-temporal analysis of road safety and traffic behaviourG. Yannis2020
33Cliatt Bradley WatsonCharacterization of unbound materials for flexible pavement designA. Loizos2020
32Papatzikou EleniTraffic Control under Dynamic Loading Conditions with Risk Analysis MethodsA. Stathopoulos2019
31Tselentis DimitriosBenchmarking Driving Efficiency using Data Science Techniques applied on Large-Scale Smartphone DataG. Yannis2018
30Barmpounakis EmmanouilInvestigating the decision-making process of drivers during overtaking by Powered Two WheelersI. Golias2017
29Gkiotsalitis Konstantinos
Dynamic destination and transport mode estimation for interdependent trips under spatio-temporal variationsA. Stathopoulos2017
28Ioanna PagoniPassenger travel choices and airline responses under market-based environmental policies using discrete choice modeling and game theoryP. Psaraki-Kalouptsidis2017
27Panagiotis GeorgiouContribution to the evaluation of the compaction characteristics of asphalt mixturesA. Loizos2016
26Dimosthenis PavlouTraffic and safety behaviour of drivers with neurological diseases affecting cognitive functionsG. Yannis2016
25Constantina GeorgouliDevelopment of prediction algorithms for the estimation of asphalt mix dynamic modulusA. Loizos2016
24Athanasios Theofilatos Investigation of road safety parameters of motorcycle ridersG. Yannis2015
23Fotios MertzanisContribution to the Investigation of Stopping Sight Distance in three-dimensional spaceC. Abacoumkin2015
22Panagiotis PapantoniouRisk factors, driver behaviour and accident probability. The case of distracted drivingG. Yannis2015
21Tatiana GialamaInvestigation of the wheel-rail inerface and the developing contact stressesK. Liberis2014
20Anastasia Pnevmatikou Development of methods for estimating demand changes in urban transport systems due to changes in network characteristicsM. Karlaftis2014
19Christina MiliotiDevelopment of methods for estimating public transport shares under complementary operating conditionsM. Karlaftis2014
18George Giotis Development of a method for multi-criteria assessmentD. Tsamboulas2014
17Zoi ChristoforouIncident occurrence and response on urban freewaysM. Karlaftis2011
16Vasilios PapavasiliouContribution towards the investigation of the in-situ behaviour of asphalt pavements treated with foamed asphaltA. Loizos2010
15Loukas DimitriouDesign of container terminals systems: an evolutionary game theoretic approachA. Stathopoulos2010
14Eleonora PapadimitriouPedestrian behaviour and safety models in urban road networksG. Yannis2010
13Costas KepaptsoglouDevelopment of optimization methods for the operation of a fixed route system under emergency conditionsM. Karlaftis2009
12Christina PlatiContribution to the evaluation of roughness in the framework of pavement serviceabilityA. Loizos2009
11George CharonitisContribution to the classification of airport pavementsA. Loizos2008
10Rabab JouniMechanical properties of mixtures of milled bituminous materials and crushed aggregates recycled with bitumen emulsion and cementS. Kolias2006
9Eleni VlahogianniContribution to the Development of Short-Term Traffic Forecasting Models in Urban ArterialsI. Golias2006
8Martha KatsakouMechanical properties of cement bound recycled mixtures of crushed aggregates and milled bituminous materialsS. Kolias2005
7Theodore TsekerisAnalysis of reliability and degradation of dynamically estimated origin destination matrices in extended transportation networksA. Stathopoulos2004
6Paraskevi PsarakiContribution to the study of factors that affect demand and mode choce in access to airportsC. Abacoumkin2002
5Ioannis TaiganidisVisibility distance for stopping in convex curvesG. Kanellaidis1998
4Costas LymberisA methodology to improve the open rail line block signaling system for capacity optimizationC. Abacoumkin1998
3Athanasios BallisDevelopment of a container terminal simulation modelC. Abacoumkin1995
2Antonios StathopoulosContrubution to the investigation of the value of time in transportationC. Abacoumkin1986
1Georgios KanellaidisContribution to the investigation of mode choice in intercity travel and of the perception of safetyC. Abacoumkin1984