Since 1982, highly innovative research in all fields of the transportation science is taking place at the Department of Transportation Planning and Engineering, through more than 55 PhD theses and within the participation in more than 300 Research Projects granted by National, European and International Public and Private Organisations, very often through highly competitive procedures.

The research results are continuously published in international peer-review scientific journals and conference proceedings, which are widely cited worldwide.  So far, more than 1.000 scientific papers are published with more than 10 current and ex Faculty Members having citations’ h-index higher than 10.

Research Projects

 TitleSource of FundingScientific ResponsibleStartEnd
301Management, Organisation, Development and Planning of a Multi-Operation System for the Development of the Interurban Bus Central Terminal at EleonasAthens Interurban Central Bus StationGolias J.2016
300ESRA- European Survey of Road Users' Safety AttitudesIBSRYannis G.20152016
299Methodological Approach for the development of the "IRTAD and the Cities" Network and DatabaseOECD Yannis G.20162016
295Safety Culture in Private and Professional Transport: Examining its Influence on Behaviours and Implications for Interventions (Safety Culture)Norvegian Research Council
Yannis G.20152018
294Cost Action TU1208: Ecost-Meeting-TU1208-191015-062715University Roma TrePlati C.20152015
292Investigation of Infrastructure Aspects in the Rail Freight Terminal of TRAINOSE S.A. in Thessaloniki and Synthesis of Proposal for their ImprovementTRENOSE SABallis A.20152015
291SafetyCube: Safety Causation, Benefits and EfficiencyEuropean Commission - Horizon 2020Yannis G.20152018
290ERSO+ Update of the European Road Safety ObservatoryEuropean CommissionYannis G.20152018
289Eldersafe - Risks and Countermeasures for Road Traffic of the Elderly in EuropeEuropean CommissionYannis G.20152015
288Support of TRAINOSE A.E. in the Pilot Implementation of Services of the Logistics Chain in the Thessaloniki-Sofia RouteTRENOSE SABallis A.20142015
286PRACT - Predicting Road Accidents - A Transferable Methodology Across EuropeConference of Εuropean Directors of RoadsYannis G.20142016
284Be-Safe- Belarusian Road Safety NetworkEuropean Commission - Tempus ProgrammeYannis G.20132017
280Methodology for the economic evaluation and restructuring of bus lines of ODIKES SYGKOINONIES SAOdikes Sygkinonies SAVlahogianni E.20142014
279Economic Crisis and the Consequences for Transport: The Case of GreeceGeneral Secretariat for Research and TechnologyStathopoulos A.20132015
277Gift - Green Intermodal Freight TransportTRENOSE SABallis A.20132014
276Investigation of Issues Related to the Support of TRAINOSE A.E. in the Pilot Implementation of Services of the Logistics Chain in the Athens-Thessaloniki RouteTRENOSE SABallis A.20132014
273Intermodardia: Support Intermodal Transport Solutions in the Adriatic AreaEuropean CommissionTsamboulas D.20122015
272ROSSE-Road Safety in South East European RegionsEuropean Commission - South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme Yannis G.20122014
271"DRIVERBRAIN - Performance of drivers with cerebral diseases at unexpected incidents" in the framework of the research programme ARISTEIA of the General Secretariat for Research and Technology. General Secretariat for Research and TechnologyYannis G.20122015
269Stochastic Analysis and Modeling go Post-Disaster Transport Network OperationsGeneral Secretariat for Research and TechnologyKarlaftis M.20122015
268Models of Pedestrian Behaviour and SafetyGeneral Secretariat for Research and TechnologyYannis G.20122015
267Causes and Impact of Driver Distraction: A driving Simulator StudyMinistry of Education, Religious Affairs, Culture and SportsYannis G.20122015
266Mednet: Mediterranean Network for Custom Procedures and Simplification of Clearance in portsEuropean CommissionTsamboulas D.20122014
265C-Liege: Clean Last Mile Transport and Logistics Management for Smart and Efficient Local Governments in EuropeEuropean CommissionTsamboulas D.20112013
262Smart Rail: Smart Maintenance and Analysis of Transport InfrastructureEuropean CommissionLoizos A.20112014
261Euromed - Regional Transport Project: Road, Rail and Urban TransportEuropean CommissionTsamboulas D.20112014
259Development of Framework for the Operation of Transport Corridors-Phase 1Tsamboulas D.20112017
258Investigation of the Combined Transport Sector and the Complementary Services of the Logistics ChainTRENOSE SABallis A.20112012
257APC: Adriatic Port CommunityEuropean CommissionTsamboulas D.20112013
256Adriaticmos: Developing Motorways of the Sea System in Adriatic RegionEuropean CommissionTsamboulas D.20112014
252Viability of RO-PAX Connection Between Patras-Igoumenitsa and Ports of the AdriaticPort Authority of Igoumenitsa S.A., Patras Port Authority S.A.Tsamboulas D.20102011
250Development of a Strategic Plan for the Improvement of Road Safety in Greece 2011-2020Ministry of Infrastructure Transport and NetworksKanellaidis G.20102011
249Investigation of the Potential Exclusive Use of the Panepistimiou Avenue by Public TransportationHellenic Ministry of the Environment, Energy and Climate ChangeKarlaftis M.20102011
248Study on Cern's Transportation Requirement and Related InfrastructureCERNKarlaftis M.20102011
244Skidsafe- Enhanced Driver Safety Due to Improved Skid ResistanceEuropean CommissionLoizos A.20092013
239Planning of a Flexible, Specialized Municipal, Transport System of High Standards and EfficiencyMunicipality of AthensStathopoulos A.20092010
238Scientific Support of the Greek Ministry of Tourism for Organizing Touristic Information Provision Across MotorwaysMinistry of TourismKarlaftis M.20092010
237Sartre 4: Social Attitudes to Road Traffic Risk in EuropeEuropean CommissionYannis G.200920012
236Technology Opportunities and Strategies toward Climate-friendly transport – TOSCAEuropean CommissionPsaraki-Kalouptsidis P.20092011
235DaCoTa: Road Safety Data Collection, Transfer and AnalysisEuropean CommissionYannis G.20092012
234Development of an Integrated Framework for the Implementation of the National Interoperability for Electronic Toll Collection SystemsNational Road Fund SAStathopoulos A.20092009
232An Investigation of the Operation of Bus Lanes in AthensTransport for AthensKarlaftis M.20092012
231Development of a Manual for the Safe Driving of Older DriversMinistry of Transport and CommunicationsKanellaidis G.20092010
230East Mediterranean - Black Sea Motorways of the Sea Master PlanEuropean Commission - DG TRENTsamboulas D.20092011
229ETISPLUS: European Transport Policy Information System-Development and Implementation of Data Collection Methodology for EU Transport ModellingEuropean CommissionBallis A.20092012
228Development of a Novel Athens Bus Network for Connecting Major Activity Areas in the Athens Metropolitan RegionRegion of AtticaGolias J.20092009
224Development of a Pavement Monitoring and Evaluation System for Pavement Management in GreeceMinistry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public WorksLoizos A.20082012
222Evaluation of Traffic Congestion Pricing for the City of AthensLocal Government InstituteKarlaftis M.20082008
2212-Be-Safe-Wheeler Behaviour and SafetyEuropean CommissionGolias J.20082011
220Evaluation of the Extension of the Athens Metro During Night TimeTransport for AthensKarlaftis M.20082009
218Manual on Road Traffic Injury Data Collection SystemsWHOYannis G.20082008
217Requirement for Application of Interoperability in Electronic Fee Collection in GreeceNational Road Fund SAStathopoulos A.20082008
215Concertour: Concerted Innovative Approaches, Strategies, Solutions, and Services Improving Mobility and European TourismEuropean CommissionTsamboulas D.20082009
214Analytical Support of Monitoring the Implementation of the Major Transnational Transport Axes Connecting the EU and its Neighbouring CountriesEuropean CommissionTsamboulas D.20072008
211Scientific Support for Educating and Training Heavy Vehicle DriversHellenic Ministry of Transport and CommunicationsKarlaftis M.20072008
210Road Safety Data Collection in GreeceMinistry of Transport and CommunicationsKanellaidis G.20072009
209Technical Assistant to the Steering Committee for the Ten-t Project: Elaboration of the East Mediterranean Motorways of the Sea Master PlanMinistry of Shiping, Eagean and Island PolicyTsamboulas D.20072012
208Tags for SMART Travellers: A Multi-Modal Luggage and Passenger Conciliation Platform for Door to Door ServiceEuropean CommissionTsamboulas D.20072010
207EU Customer Rail Vision 2020 (ECURA)European CommissionTsamboulas D.20072010
206Benchmarking Logistics (BenLogics)European CommissionTsamboulas D.20072009
204Analytical Support for Monitoring the Implementation the Major Transnational Transport Axes Connecting the EU and its NeighborsEuropean CommissionTsamboulas D.20072008
203Support of the Implementation of Methods for Hazardous Locations Identification and of the Necessary Countermeasures in the Interurban Road NetworkMinistry for the Environment, Physical Planning and Public WorksKanellaidis G.20072008
200Research on the economic viability of the Container Terminal at the Tymbaki in Crete Port Authority of Iraklion in collaboration with the Maritime Institute of Korea.Tsamboulas D.20072007
199CREAM- Customer-Driven Rail-Freight Services on a European Mega-Corridor Based on Advanced Business and Operating ModelsEuropean CommissionBallis A.20072011
198Scientific Responsible – Project Manager Mediterranean Integrated Transport for Development Enterprises(MEDINTRADE)Port Authority of Igoumenitsa SATsamboulas D.20062008
197Development of a Manual on Laying Inspection, Maintenance and Renewal of Railway TracksOSE SAStathopoulos A.20062008
195Best practices on cost-effective safety investmentsConference of Εuropean Directors of RoadsYannis G.20062008
194Networking Ports to Promote Intermodal Transport and Better Access to HinterlandEuropean Commission INTERREGIIIB – ARCHIMEDTsamboulas D.20062007
193New Mobility Sceneries in the Free Trade Zone in the Mediterranean Basin - FREEMEDEuropean Commission INTERREGIIIB – ARCHIMEDTsamboulas D.20062008
191Development of Innovative Information Material for Informing Greek Drivers on the New Traffic LawHellenic Ministry of Transport and CommunicationsKarlaftis M.20062006
190Contribution to the Development of New Specifications for Railways TrackOSE SALoizos A.20062007
188Monitoring and Analysis of Park-and-Ride Station Operations: The case of the Syngrou Fix and Halandri Park and Ride StationsAttiko Metro Operations Company (AMEL)Karlaftis M.20062006
187Advisor to the Preparation of Business Plan f the Ministry of Transport and Communications for the Period 2007-2013Ministry of Transport and CommunicationsTsamboulas D.20062007
186A Framework Contract for Ex Ante Evaluations' and Impact AssessmentsECORYS Netherlands and European CommissionTsamboulas D.20062010
185Development of an up-to-date system for Testing and Investigation of Transportation InfrastructureGeneral Secretariat for Research and TechnologyLoizos A.20062008
183Metropolitan Railway Network SimulationATTIKO METRO SAStathopoulos A.20062007
181Pavement evaluation of Urban RoadsTransport for AthensLoizos A.20062008
180Cluster of User Networks in transport and Energy Relating to anti-terrorist activities (COUNTERACT)European Commission - DG TRENTsamboulas D.20062008
179Principles of Successful High Quality Public Transport Operation and Development (PROSEED)European CommissionStathopoulos A.20062008
173Investigation of Road Traffic Impacts from Upgrading of Railway Facilities within Urban AreasOSE SAKarlaftis M.20052006
172Scientific and Technical Support to the Ministry of Mercantile Marine - General Secretariat of Ports and Port's Policy and the Hellenic Ports Association on Transportation IssuesGreek Cruise PortsTsamboulas D.20052007
171Research on Railways StratigraphyOSE SALoizos A.20052008
170A Comparative Analysis of the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Mass Transportation CompaniesRATPKarlaftis M.20052005
169Development of Demand Models, Demand Software and Completion of Timetabling Software for METRO OperationsAttiko Metro Operations Company (AMEL)Karlaftis M.20052008
168In Safety - Infrastructure and Safety (Specific Targeted Project or Innovation Project)European CommissionGolias J.20052008
167I-FIAP: Implementation of the Freight Integrator Action PlanEuropean CommissionTsamboulas D.20042005
166Development of Road Safety Strategic Plan for Greece,2006-2010Ministry of Transport and CommunicationsKanellaidis G.20042006
165Preparation of a Proposal for the Transport Projects for the period 2007-2013. Supporting the Operational Programme/ Railways, Airports, Urban TransportMinistry of Transport and CommunicationsTsamboulas D.20042005
163Upgrade of the Railway Network Model Inside the Railway Laboratory of NTUA to the Standards of ISAPISAP SAStathopoulos A.20042005
162Development of a Methodology and Algorithms for the Estimation of the Demand Distribution to the Public Transport Companies During Special EventsTransport for AthensStathopoulos A.20042006
160Measurement of Pavement Characteristics and System Installation for the Evaluation of Egnatia Odos PavementsEgnatia Odos SALoizos A.20042005
159Development of a Decision Support System for the Operational Planning of the Metro Lines During the Athens 2004 Summer OlympicsAttiko Metro Operations Company (AMEL)Karlaftis M.20042005
158Searching the Stratigraphy of the Asphalt Pavement Layers Using the GPR TechniqueOSE SATsamboulas D.20042007
156HUMANIST – HUMAN centered design for Information Society TechnologiesEuropean CommissionGolias J.20042008
155SafetyNet: The European Road Safety ObservatoryEuropean CommissionYannis G.20042008
152Development of a Decision Support System for the Operational Planning of the Metro Lines During the Athens 2004 Summer OlympicsAttiko Metro Operations Company (AMEL)Karlaftis M.20032006
151Accident Risk Investigation of Drivers with High Participation in Road AccidentsMinistry of Transport and CommunicationsGolias J.20032005
150Technical Support in Scientific Issues of Satellite Navigation System Galileo and Trans- and Pan- European NetworksMinistry of Transport and CommunicationsStathopoulos A.20032004
149Cost-Benefit Analysis for the Expansion of the Air Terminal of the Heraklion AirportCivil Aviation Authority Ballis A.20032005
148Contribution to the Management of the Railway MaintenanceOSE SALoizos A.20032005
146E-Traffic- Traffic Information SystemRegion of AtticaStathopoulos A.20032005
144Mediterranean and Transeuropean Networks for TransportEuropean CommissionTsamboulas D.20032005
143Etis-Agent: A Transport Information Agent for Accessing the Different Etis Data SourcesEuropean CommissionBallis A.20032005
142Evaluation of the Pilot Implementation for the Pavement Rehabilitation of the Athens-Korinthos HighwayMinistry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public WorksLoizos A.20022003
141Contribution in the Development of Short Term Traffic Prediction Models in Urban Areas Under Traffic CongestionMinistry of National Religious EducationGolias J.20022005
140Capacity Calculation and Access Charging on the Suburban Railway Axis Between Stavros and El. Venizelos Airport (Phase A)Attiko Metro SATsamboulas D.20022004
138Operational Parameter Analysis for the Athens Urban Transport Network During the 2004 Olympic GamesTransport for AthensKarlaftis M.20022005
137Drafting of the new superstructure regulation of the metric network of the PeloponneseOSE SAAbacoumkin C.20022004
136Application of the E.C. Research Project Methods and Results to the Hellenic Railway OrganizationOSE SATsamboulas D.20022004
135Scientific Support for the System Planning of the Urban Public Transport of the Athens RegionTransport for AthensStathopoulos A.20022003
134EDIP: On-Board Radio-Based Control of Multiple-Locomotive Freight for Trans-European OperationEuropean CommissionAbacoumkin C.20022005
132(Thematic Network) Rosebud: Road Safety and Environmental Benefit-Cost and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis for Use in Decision-MakingEuropean CommissionYannis G.20022005
131SPIN Scanning the Potential of Intermodal TransportEuropean CommissionTsamboulas D.20022003
130Hearts: Health Effects and Risks of Transport SystemsEuropean CommissionGolias J.20022005
129Transport research for European Equipment: TREE European CommissionLoizos A.20022004
128Science Support offered to the Hellenic Presidency in the Subjects of Air Transport, Global Navigation Satellite (GALILEO) Road Safety and Vehicle TechnologyMinistry of Transport and CommunicationsStathopoulos A.20022003
127Investigation of Implementation and Effectivity of Delivery RestrictionsMinistry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public WorksGolias J.20012002
125Investigation and Proposals for the Integrated Public Transport Pricing Scheme in AthensTransport for AthensGolias J.20012002
124Automatization of Pavement Data Collection of Egnatia Odos Road SectionsEgnatia Odos SALoizos A.20012002
122Development of a System for the Analysis of Road Accident DataMinistry of Transport and CommunicationsGolias J.20012003
121Specifications for Urban Transportation management Scheme Which Improves Road Safety-Application in the City of ArgosMinistry of Transport and CommunicationsStathopoulos A.20012002
120Framework Architecture Made for Europe - SupportEuropean CommissionStathopoulos A.20012004
119F-Man- Rail Car Asset ManagementEuropean CommissionAbacoumkin C.20012004
118Investigation of Participation Potential of the Magnesia Prefecture Port Treasury in the Financing of the Construction and Operation of a Parking Station in the Central Pier of the Volos PortHarbor Committee of Magnesia CountryTsamboulas D.20012001
117Development of Basic Quidde Lines for a Data Collection Application for OASATransport for AthensGolias J.20012001
116Improved Tools for Railway Capacity and AccessEuropean CommissionTsamboulas D.20012002
115Pilot Implementation of a Strategic Plan for a Road Infrastructure Management System RIMS in GreeceMinistry of Economy and FinanceLoizos A.20002002
114Development of the Methodology for the Determination of Black Spots on the Rural Road Network of GreeceMinistry of Economy and FinanceKanellaidis G.20002001
113Investigation of Passenger transport Behaviour and Offered level of Service in Public TransportTransport for AthensGolias J.20002001
112Investigation of Impacts and Proposals for Heavy Vehicles Circulation for Goods Delivery in Athens Central AreaMinistry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public WorksGolias J.20002001
111Investigation of Impacts and Proposals for Heavy Vehicles Circulation for Goods Delivery in Athens Central AreaMinistry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public WorksGolias J.20002001
110Investigation of the Shortcomings of the Transportation System for Agricultural Products: Diagnosis, Proposals, MeasuresMinistry of AgricultureStathopoulos A.20002001
109Assessment of Methods of Alternative Routes Finding Concerning the Trips of Fuel Trucks from and to AirportsAthens International Airport SAStathopoulos A.20002000
108Investigation Towards the Application of Hot Mix Plus in Place Recycling Method for Reinforcement of Heavy Duty Roadways PavementsMinistry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public WorksLoizos A.20002001
107Improvement of Pavement Riding Quality of Urban RoadsTransport for AthensLoizos A.20002000
106Supervision and Analysis of the Structural and Operational Demands of the PATHE PavementsPATHE SALoizos A.20002001
105Innovative Technologies for Intermodal Transfer PointsEuropean Commission - DG VIIGolias J.20002004
104TRANS-TALK Thematic Network on Policy and Project Evaluation MethodologiesEuropean Commission -DGVIITsamboulas D.20002001
103SPOTLIGHTS Thematic Network Keys to Bring Advanced Transport Models to LightEuropean Commission -DGVIITsamboulas D.20002002
102MARETOPE Managing and Assessing Regulatory Revolution in Local Public Transport OperationsEuropean Commission -DGVIITsamboulas D.20002003
101Development of a Strategic Plan for Road Infrastructure System Management in GreeceMinistry of Economy and FinanceLoizos A.19992001
100Development of a Strategic Plan for the Improvement of Road Safety in GreeceMinistry of Economy and FinanceKanellaidis G.19992001
99RECORTID Real Cost Reduction of Door to Door Intermodal TransportEuropean Commission - DG Research.Golias J.19992002
98Action for Advanced Driver Assistance and Vehicle Control Systems Implementation, Standardisation, Optimum Use of the Road Network and Safety ADVISORSEuropean Commission - DG Research.Golias J.19992002
97Traffic and environmental impacts from taxi operations in AthensMinistry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public WorksGolias J.19992000
94Impacts of Bus Lanes in traffic and environment. Suggestions, Measures and SpecificationsMinistry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public WorksStathopoulos A.19992000
93Impacts of the Environment from the Application of Alternative Traffic Management Scenario. Proposals-Means-RegulationsMinistry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public WorksStathopoulos A.19992000
90System for administrative information and decision-making support procedures in the OASA - Study application.Transport for AthensGolias J.19981999
89Development and testing of the integrated road safety improvement system using a driving simulatorGeneral Secretariat for Research and Technology Golias J.19981999
88Road Safety Audit in GreeceEuropean Commission - DGVIIKanellaidis G.19982000
87PROFIT, Private Operations and Financing of Trans-European NetworksEuropean Commission - DG TRENTsamboulas D.19981999
86Scientific/ Technical Advisor Services for the Parking Areas at the New Athens International AirportAthens International Airport SAStathopoulos A.19981998
85Specifications for Road Safety Audit on the Egnatia MotorwayEgnatia Odos SAKanellaidis G.19981998
83SCENES Scenarios for Transport Developments European Commission - DG TRENTsamboulas D.19982001
82PROMISING - Promotion of measures with regard to mobility integrated with safety, taking into account the inexperience of vulnerable user groups European Commission - DGVIIKanellaidis G.19982001
81Development of a methodology and improvements proposals in selected locations of the roadway network of Attica.Ministry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public WorksFrantzeskakis I.19971998
80AMADEUS -Advanced Models for Analytical Design of European Pavement StructuresEuropean Commission - DGVIILoizos A.19971999
79Investigation of the in situ performance of heavily trafficked semi-rigid pavementsMinistry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public WorksLoizos A.19971998
78 Impact on Traffic and Environment from the collection an distribution of persosn and goods. Suggestions-Measures-SpecificationsMinistry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public WorksGolias J.19971998
77Working hours Impact on Traffic and Environment. Suggestions-Measures-SpecificationsMinistry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public WorksStathopoulos A.19971998
75Demand analysis and Masterplan for the National Airport of Heraklion Crete "N. Kazatzakis"Civil Aviation Authority Abacoumkin C.19972002
73Investigation of services for the improvement of active safety in transportMinistry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public WorksFrantzeskakis I.19971998
72BRIDGES - Development of the Structure and Maintenance of the European Transport Information System Building Bridges Between Digital Transport DatabasesEuropean Commission- DGVIITsamboulas D.19971999
71Applications for noise reduction in tourist areasMinistry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public WorksFrantzeskakis I.19971998
70Development of a Pavement Evaluation System for airports as part of their maintenanceCivil Aviation Authority Abacoumkin C.19971997
69CAREPLUS - Processing of Algorithms for National Road Accidents Cost Conversion bwetween European countriesEuropean Commission - DG VIIGolias J.19961997
67Performance Analysis Road InfrastructureEuropean Commission - DG VIILoizos A.19961998
64Investigation of the operation of a holistic system for the environmental management of traffic and transportationMinistry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public WorksStathopoulos A.19961997
63Investigation for the potential produce of self cured concreteNTUAKolias S.19961998
62Guidelines for the geometric design of interurban interchangesMinistry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public WorksKanellaidis G.19961998
61EUNET Socio-economic and Spatial Impacts of TransportEuropean Commission - DG VIITsamboulas D.19961999
60SAFESTAR - Safety standards for road design and redesignEuropean Commission - DG VIIKanellaidis G.19961997
58IMPULSE - Interoperable modular pilot plants underlying logistic system in EuropeEuropean Commission - DG VIIAbacoumkin C.19961999
57Present and Future Potential of a European Database on Road Accidents with Personalized DataEuropean Commission - DG VIIFrantzeskakis I.19951996
56Identification of a European city and intercity Integrated Transport Environment based on Open Systems Architecture (QUARTET PLUS)European Commission - DG XIIIStathopoulos A.19951998
55Feasibility Study of Replacing Bus fleet with Bus running on Clean TechnologyTransport for AthensStathopoulos A.19951996
54PACT Combined Transport Corridor: Greece – Italy – Germany: Combined Transport by Rail in GreeceEuropean Commission - GVIIAbacoumkin C.19951997
53Methods for Evaluating the Impacts from the Implementation of Pedestrianization of the Central Athens AreaMunicipality of AthensYotis A.19951996
52Usefulness of a European road accidents data base with disaggregated dataEuropean Community - DG VIIGolias J.19951997
51Regulations for Agricultural and Forestry Highway DesignMinistry of AgricultureYotis A.19941996
50Operational Cost of Transprotation Networks and Development of a Methodology for Evaluating Holistic Technological Oriented Transprotation ProjectsStathopoulos A.1994-
49Transportation Network Optimization Using Managementamd Telematics in Real-TimeAbacoumkin C.1994-
48Environmental Impact of Telematics Applications to TransportationEuropean Commission - DG VIIStathopoulos A.19941995
46Demand determination in the combined transport corridor Germany - Italy - GreeceEuropean Commission - DG VIIGolias J.19931994
45Feasibility Study of the Pilot Program on "Combined Transport in the Greece-Italy-Germany Corridor"European Commission - DG VIIGolias J.19931993
44Users' Requirements for the Road Safety Data Bank of ECEuropean CommissionFrantzeskakis I.19931994
43Combined Transport in the Greece-Italy-Germany CorridorEuropean Commission - DG VIIStathopoulos A.19931994
42Determination of stiffness and permanent deformation characteristics of Greek asphalt mixesMinistry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public WorksKolias S.19931994
41Research program for pre-stressed concrete sleepers’OSE SAAbacoumkin C.19931994
40Analysis, Monitoring and EvaluationSystems for the Road Safety on the Greek National Road NetworkMinistry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public WorksFrantzeskakis I.19921994
39Thickness design of new pavements and assessment of the structural condition of existing pavements of the Greek road network based on KEDE FWD systemMinistry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public WorksKolias S.19921993
38Monitoring and Analysis of Heavy Traffic for the National Road Network: Installation of a Semi-Permanent Axle Load Weight Measurement Station Ministry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public WorksKolias S.19921994
37Development of a Pavement Operational Evaluation System for the National Pavement Management SystemMinistry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public WorksLoizos A.19921994
36Development of a "VERBUND" for the Design and Study of Road WorksMinistry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public WorksYotis A.19921993
35Contribution to the Development of a Draft Regulation for the Geometric Design of HighwaysMinistry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public WorksKanellaidis G.19921993
33Qaulitative Analysis of Pavements' MaterialsMunicipality of AthensYotis A.19911992
32Computer Applications and Telematics in Transport OperationsEuropean Commission TEMPUSFrantzeskakis I.19911992
31Investigation of Transportation Energy Indicators for Energy Conservation Ministry of Industry, Energy and TechnologyFrantzeskakis I.19911992
30Investigation ofcapacity and demand analysis in the road section Tithorea-Domokos of the Athens-Thessaloniki lineOSE SAAbacoumkin C.19911992
29SIMET - SMART INTERMODAL EUROPEAN TRANSFEREuropean Community - DG VIIAbacoumkin C.19911994
28QUARTET Quadrilateral Advanced Research for Telematics for Environment and TransportEuropean Commission - DG XIIIStathopoulos A.19911995
27ADEPT - Automatic Debiting and Electronic Payment for TransportEuropean Commission - DG XIIIStathopoulos A.19911994
26Monitoring and Analysis of the Heavy Traffic in the New National Road Athens-Volos, Antirrio - Ioannina and Korinthos - TripoliNational Road Fund SAKolias S.19911994
25A GIS system for the Athens Road NetworkMunicipality of AthensYotis A.19911992
24Traffic Noise Map for the Municipality of AthensMinistry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public WorksYotis A.19901991
23Evaluation of Implemented Interventions for 1986-1978 and Future Long-term Improvement Measures of National HighwaysNational Road Fund SAYotis A.19901992
22Scientific Support for Origin-Destination SurveyMinistry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public WorksYotis A.19901994
21Evaluation of New Fuel Types in VehiclesMinistry of Industry, Energy and TechnologyYotis A.19901992
20Abrasion resistance of harbor deckingPireaus Port Authority SAYotis A.19891992
19Monitoring and Analysis of the Heavy Traffic in the New National Road Athens-Patras and Athens-LarisaNational Road Fund SAYotis A.19891990
18Qualitative Evaluation of Maintenance Materials for the Athens Road NetworkMunicipality of AthensYotis A.19891990
17Evaluation of Transprotation Information Systems (RTI)European Commission - DG XIIIAbacoumkin C.19891991
16Framework for Integrated Dynamic Analysis of Transport Movements and TrafficEuropean Commission - DG XIIIStathopoulos A.19881991
15PARCMAN - System for parking control and parking information managementEuropean Commission - DG XIIIAbacoumkin C.19881992
14EURONETT - Analysis and testing of users' reaction to new technologies in transportationEuropean Commission - DG XIIIAbacoumkin C.19881991
13Estimation of flexible and semi-rigid pavementsMinistry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public WorksYotis A.19881992
12Improvements to Advanced Mathematical in the EECEuropean Commission - DG SRDYotis A.19881991
11Peak hour traffic volume analysis for the new National Road Patras-Athens-Thessaloniki (PATHE)National Road Fund SAYotis A.19881990
10Road safety information system of the wider Capital areaGeneral Secretariat for Research and TechnologyFrantzeskakis I.19881990
9Evaluation of geometric design characteristics of the rural road Athens-Lamia National Road Fund SAYotis A.19881989
8Intermodal Analysis of TEM CorridorMinistry of Economy and FinanceAbacoumkin C.19881990
7Capacity and demand analysis and parking characteristics in the CapitalAthens Planning OrganizationFrantzeskakis I.19871990
6Land Use Structure of Ground Floor and Parking Characteristics of vehicles around Urban Railway StationsAthens Planning OrganizationYotis A.19871989
5 Techno-economic study for the development of a bu system in the city centerMinistry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public WorksAbacoumkin C.19861988
4Strategies for detection and control of traffic incidents in road sections with low cst technologiesEuropean Community - DG VIIAbacoumkin C.19861987
3Traffic Capacity of Signalized IntersectionsGeneral Secretariat for Research and Technology Frantzeskakis I.19851986
2Simulation of operation of terminals for cargo transportGeneral Secretariat for Research and Technology Abacoumkin C.19851986
1Estimation of traffic conditions and their impact to environmental pollutionMinistry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public WorksAbacoumkin C.19831985