Currently there are 31 PhD Theses under preparation at the Department of Transportation Planning and Engineering, covering several fields of the transportation engineering science.

PhD Theses Under Preparation

31Oikonomou MariaG. Yannis2021
30Sekadakis MariosG. Yannis2021
29Katzilieris KonstantinosE. Vlahogianni2021
28Giouroukelis MariosE. Vlahogianni2021
27Vasileios MourtakosE. Vlahogianni2020
26Panagiotis PasiasS. Mavromatis2020
25Virginia PetrakiBig Data and New Urban Sustainable Mobility FormsG. Yannis2020
24Michelaraki EvaRoad accident risk factors and big dataG. Yannis2020
23Fafoutellis PanagiotisContribution to the development of spaciotemporal models for traffic forecasting in urban road networksE. Vlahogianni2019
22Roussou JuliaImpact assessment of connected and automated transport systemsG. Yannis2019
21Nikolaou Dimitris Big data in road safety decision supportG. Yannis2019
20Laiou AlexandraMeasuring road safety cultureG. Yannis2019
19Kontaxi Armira MariaIntegrated support of driver traffic behaviour and safety by smartphone dataG. Yannis2019
18Chalkiadakis CharisInvestigation of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems' operational resilienceE. Vlahogianni2018
17Kasselouris GeorgiosTransport optimization of agricultural products supply chainA. Ballis2018
16Matragos Vassilios
Investigation of Critical Parameters in Geometric Road Design, regarding the Vehicle-Infrastructure System (V2I)S. Mavromatis2018

Chalkia EleniImpact of route and transport mode choice on road safetyG. Yannis2017
14Papacharalampous AlexandrosE. Vlahogianni2017
13Aggeliki ArmeniInvestigation of airfield pavements’ evaluation parametersA. Loizos2016
12Foteini OrfanouMobility and SafetyG. Yannis2016
11Emmanouil KampitakisE. Vlahogianni2016
10Katerina StylianouCorrelations of traffic and road accidents using big dataG. Yannis2015
9Aikaterini FollaAdvanced macroscopic models for the analysis of international road safety dataG. Yannis2015
8Ilias GotsisImpacts of dynamic congestion management strategies to air quality in urban areasE. Vlahogianni2014
7Katerina RentziouIdentification of critical factors and their impact on transport demand in case of intermodal freight transportI. Golias2012
6Katerina ChrysostomouDevelopment of routing algorithms for minimizing environmental impactA. Stathopoulos2011
5Stella PapagianniImpacts on the Demand for On-Road Public Transport as a result of Urban Network Design OptimisationA. Stathopoulos2010
4Petros EvgenikosEvaluation of overall impact from the development and operation of road infrastructureG. Yannis2009
3Despina AlexadropoulouDevelopment of a method for a macroscopic forecast of road network’s Level of Service changesC. Abacoumkin1996
2Anastasios ApostolerisPrediction and minimization of road traffic accidents as related to road geometry, vehicular traffic and the road environmentA. Giotis1986
1Nikos PapachristouInvestigation of the interaction between road network characteristics, regulatory measures and private car users’ characteristics into urban areasC. Abacoumkin1983