Diploma Theses Exams, October 2020

The examination of the Diploma Theses of the undergraduate students of the Department of Transportation Planning and Engineering took place with grate success from October 30th to November 6th 2020 via a teleconference using the application Cisco Webex (https://www.webex.com/).

The students which defended their theses are as follows:

 Avraam Marios, The impact of telematics and its applications on the behavior of commuters in urban transport,  (Supervisor: K. Kepaptsoglou).
 Akritidou Sofia, Critical factors affecting mobile phone using while driving through the exploitation of data from smartphone sensors,  (Supervisor: G. Yannis).
 Vazelakis Marios, Comparative investigation of Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) and Traffic Speed Deflectometer (TSD) systems within the context of structural evaluation of flexible pavements, (Supervisor: C. Plati).

 Gasparinatou Christina, Analysis of the Influence of Automated Transportation Services on Traffic, Road Safety and Environment, (Supervisor: Ε. Vlahogianni).
 Zirganos Athanasios, Evaluation of good practices for the promotion of electromobility using Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis methods, (Supervisor: Ε. Vlahogianni).
 Zoika Stefania,  Investigation of illegal parking in Greece using statistical models, (Supervisor: K. Kepaptsoglou).
 Ioannidi Flora, Environmental impact assessment of emerging asphalt mixture technologies, (Supervisor: Α. Loizos).
 Kareklas Alexios Konstantinos, Supply Chain and Digital Transformation, (Supervisor: Α. Ballis).
 Karouzakis Nick, Investigation of the new development policies of the taxi market in Athens, (Supervisor: K. Kepaptsoglou).
 Katzilieris Konstantinos, Behaviour of road users during community evacuations due to wildfire, (Supervisor: Ε. Vlahogianni).
 Bardi Fotini, Critical factors for event identification on urban areas,  (Supervisor: G. Yannis).
 Tzoutzoulis Dimosthenis -Marios, Speeding critical factors using data from smartphones,  (Supervisor: G. Yannis).
 Tsakalas Nikolaos, Development of a Data Portal for Maritime Transport, (Supervisor: Α. Ballis).
 Ferlemi Vasiliki Nefeli, Investigating the viscoelastic performance of asphalt pavements, (Supervisor: Α. Loizos).
 Charitatos Paris, Factors affecting the acceptance of aytonomous vehicles and mobility on demand services, (Supervisor: Ε. Vlahogianni).
 Chatzieleftheriou Georgios, Overtaking trajectory modeling of vehicles moving at a constant speed via driving simulator, (Supervisor: S. Mavromatis).
 Christovasili Kyriaki, Investigation of the intention to accept a toll system based on the use and the way of driving, (Supervisor: Ε. Vlahogianni).

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