Diploma theses exams, October 2023

The examinations of the Diploma Theses of the undergraduate students of the Department of Transportation Planning and Engineering for the examination period of October 2023  took place with great success from Wednesday November 1st to Friday November 3rd 2023, at Railways Amphitheatre and at teaching room 109.

The students which defended their theses are as follows:

 Agourou Christina, Research Analysis of the Adoption of Speed Limit Reduction on Highways in Greece from 130 kph, (Supervisor G. Yannis).
 Athanasopoulou Natalia, Identification of Eco-Driving Profiles Using Real-World Driving Data and Fuel Consumption, (Supervisor E. Vlahogianni).
 Georgiou Alexia, Impact factors of children’s road safety in Europe, (Supervisor G. Yannis).
 Iona Elena, Utilization of the International Roughness Index (IRI) to estimate the Pavement Condition Index (PCI) for asphalt airport pavements, (Supervisor C. Plati).
 Karataraki Magdalini, Modeling the Interaction of Connected Autonomous Vehicles with Pedestrians Using Inverse Reinforcement Learning, (Supervisor E. Vlahogianni).

 Kaimenakis Panagiotis, Modern view of Road Safety Audit and auditors’ viewpoint, (Supervisor S. Vardaki).

 Konti Maria Aikaterini, Evaluation of options for reducing sulphur oxides emissions in the shipping industry, (Supervisor G. Yannis).
 Kourenti Panagiota, Investigation of eco-driving benefits at the rural network using driving simulator, (Supervisor G. Yannis).
 Konstantinidis Christos, Urban Arterial Traffic Volume Estimation Based on Travel Time with Use of Data Driven Models, (Supervisor E. Vlahogianni).
 Konstantopoulos Panagiotis, Comparative Evaluation of Road Safety Performance of the European Union Countries, (Supervisor G. Yannis).
 Leventis Eleftherios, Design Frame of International Race Stages with Emphasis on “SuperSpecial Stages”, (Supervisor S. Mavromatis).
 Bouzetou Malvina, Parametric Investigation for the Acceptable Rainwater Runoff from a Road Pavement, (Supervisor S. Mavromatis).
 Papagianni Lydia, Comparative analysis of road safety performance in the Regions of Greece, (Supervisor G. Yannis).
 Stavroulakis Emmanouil – Leonidas, Preliminary study of the impact of electric vehicles on flexible pavements, (Supervisor C. Plati).
 Triantafyllou Aimilia, Investigation of the impact of eco-driving on fuel consumption using smartphone data, (Supervisor G. Yannis).
 Choumis Konstantinos, Traffic Behaviour & Safety Analysis of Food Delivery Riders, (Supervisor G. Yannis).