Diploma theses exams, March 2022

The examination of the Diploma Theses of the undergraduate students of the Department of Transportation Planning and Engineering for the examination period of March 2022 took place with grate success on Wednesday March 16th 2022, on Thursday March 17th 2022 and on Friday March 18th 2022 via a teleconference using the application Cisco Webex (https://www.webex.com/).

The students which defended their theses are as follows:

Antonou Nikolaos, Investigation of the trajectory of heavy vehicles at three-lane road junctions, (Supervisor S. Mavromatis).
Garefalakis Theodoros, Identification of driver’s risky behavior level and duration with machine learning techniques, (Supervisor G. Yannis).
Goulas Evangelos, Free public transport in Attica, (Supervisor G. Yannis).
Theodoritsi Anastasia, Comparative Investigation of Standardized Methods of Reporting Airfield Pavement Strength, (Supervisor A. Loizos).
Morfopos Nikolaos, Investigating the impact of tourism on residents’ mobility patterns: The case of Rhodes, (Supervisor K. Kepaptsoglou).
Benisis Konstantinos, Investigation of visibility adequacy at tunnel entrance areas in three-dimensional road environment, (Supervisor S. Mavromatis).
Patrianakou Anastasia,  Comparative analysis of real and equivalent traffic in the context of evaluating the behavior of flexible roads, (Supervisor C. Plati).
Synodinos Aggelos, The value of SUMPs in improving urban mobility, (Supervisor E. Vlahogianni).
Tsakoulis Stamatios, Impact of pandemic on national and international air transport demand at Athens International Airport, (Supervisor G. Yannis).
Tsimplakos Vyron, Time series forecasting analysis of asphalt pavement skid resistance, (Supervisor C. Plati).
Yfanti Anastasia, Development of passenger traffic forecasting models per bus line, (Supervisor E. Vlahogianni).
Fragkoulopoulos Sofoklis Vasileios, Assessment of the impact of asphalt mixtures performance on  the analysis of flexible pavements, (Supervisor A. Loizos).