Diploma Theses Exams, July 2018

The examination of the Diploma Theses of the undergraduate students of the Department of Transportation Planning and Engineering took place with great success on July 18th and 19th 2018.

The students which defended their theses are as follows:

 Vachaviolos Dimitrios, Critical driver behaviour and risk factors in Europe, (Supervisor: G. Yannis).
 Gavalas Orestis, The Effect of Anger on Driver Behavior and Safety, (Supervisor: G. Yannis).
 Giagkou Dimitrios, Mobility and road safety in European cities, (Supervisor: G. Yannis).
 Efthymiou Alexandros, Processing and analysis of fleet telematics data for trucks performing transportation in the wider area of Athens, (Supervisor: Α. Ballis).
 Kakridoni Elisave,t Investigation of sustainable mobility plans in universities of the mediterranean region, (Supervisor: Ε. Vlahogianni).
 Kourtis Eleftherios-Marios, Modelling the economic impact of road accidents in Greece, (Supervisor: G. Yannis).
 Konstantinopoulos Emmanoui,l Investigation of drivers’ preferences towards new innovative vehicle insurance schemes, (Supervisor: G. Yannis).
 Lagou Georgia, Spatial Analysis of Driving Behavior in Urban Road Networks, (Supervisor: Ε. Vlahogianni).
 Matragos Vassileios, Methodology of Evaluating the Hazard Level in Intersections of Rural Roads (Supervisor: Α. Loizos – F. Mertzanis).
 Mihou Archimandritou Ypatia, Comparative investigation of road accidents cost in the European Union, (Supervisor: G. Yannis).
 Nikolaou Dimitrios, Impact of economic, social and transport indicators on road safety during the crisis period in Europe, (Supervisor: G. Yannis).
 Papanastasiou Maria Olga, Research of the behavior of urban railway vehicles and the maximum periphery in acute horizontal curves, (Supervisor: Α. Ballis).
 Stavrakaki Anna-Maria, Methodology for Assessing the Required Volume of Driving Data for Assessing Driving Behavior, (Supervisor: Ε. Vlahogianni).
 Stavrou Paraskevi, Model development analysis of air travel demand: the case of Crete (Supervisor: V. Psaraki-Kalouptsidis – F. Mertzanis).
 Taliouras Filippos, Criteria investigation of geometric design consistency in rural two-lane roads at nighttime driving (Supervisor: Α. Loizos – F. Mertzanis).
 Teressonok Dimitrios, Optimisation of Insurance Premium Policy for Multiple Levels of Automation Vehicles with the Use of Derivatives, (Supervisor: Ε. Vlahogianni).
 Tsiligianni Ioanna, Evaluation of the existing failure criteria of the design of flexible airport pavements according to FAA design method (Supervisor: Α. Loizos – F. Mertzanis).