Bar Ilan University (BIU) Professor Tova Rosenbloom Lecture at NTUA, June 2018

Prof. Tova Rosenbloom, Chair in Research Institute of Human Factors in Road Safety in the Management department at Bar Ilan University (BIU) in Israel gave a Lecture on June 22nd, 2018, at the Department of Transportation Planning and Engineering (Railways Amphitheater) of NTUA titled: “Individual differences of road users and their impact on their performance”.

The human factor is crucial in road safety and relates to psychological, perceptual, cognitive, social, demographic and emotional aspects of drivers and pedestrians. The presentation will be based on the state of the art in the area of individual difference of road users and more specifically to age, gender, marital status, driving experience, personality traits, religiosity, distraction, and how all these factors are associated with drivers’ and pedestrians’ behavior on-roads and their capability such as hazard perception.
The presentation will also relate to interaction of these individual differences with state elements such as enforcement, punishment, fatigue, social pressure and pressure of time.



T. Rosenbloom Abstract & CV  pdf

Presentation pdf

Lecture poster pdf


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