HIT/HITE – 7th International Congress on Transportation Research, Athens, November 2015

The 7th International Congress on Transportation Research, organised by the Hellenic Institute of Transport and the Hellenic Institute of Transportation Engineers took place in Athens, on 5-6 November 2015. The main topic of the Congress was: “From basic research to innovative application”.
This Conference series on Transport Research (ICTR), is considered a well established event in the transport sector in Greece in which more than 250 transport experts, decision makers and stakeholders contributed and discussed state of the art research findings and challenges ahead for more efficient, safer, and environmental and energy friendly transportation systems, with focus on the design, development and implementation of innovative new applications.
NTUA road safety presentations concerned:
  • Multivariate Statistical Methods for explaining Powered Two Wheelers’ Traffic in Urban Arterials pdf
  • Road Safety Training through a Master Course in Belarus pdf
  • Road accident type influence on Accident severity in Greece pdf
  • How does socio-economic status affect the use of CRS and seat belts? Preliminary results from a study in Athens pdf
  • Development of an Educational Scheme for Road Safety Auditors in Greece pdf
  • A Multivariate Probit Model for Analyzing Travelers’ Choice of Airline Carrier pdf
  • Model of  distribution of goods vehicle routing with route time balancing pdf
  • Effects of congestion pricing measure in urban road networks traffic pdf
  • Decision support system (DSS) for managing performance data and measures for the Athens bus operator (OSY) pdf
  • Investigation of measures for the energy reduction and the environmental concequences in rail freight transport pdf
  • Παιγνιο-θεωρητική Διερεύνηση της Προσφοράς και Ζήτησης στις Αγορές των Αερομεταφορών pdf
  • Stated preference survey of Bicycle sharing systems in Athens pdf
  • Policies for Enhancing Mobility in Academic Campuses: The case of CERN pdf