Professor Andreas Loizos, distinguished Keynote Speaker at the 59th Annual Illinois Bituminous Paving Conference, December 2018

Professor Andreas Loizos has been the distinguished Keynote Speaker at the opening of the 59th Annual Illinois Bituminous Paving Conference with the lecture entitled: “Experiences in Performance Assessment of Engineering Low Energy Asphalt Mixes”. The 59th Annual Illinois Bituminous Paving Conference took place on December 11-12, 2018, in Champaign, Illinois, USA.

The Bituminous Conference is a compact one-day program providing an opportunity for highway engineers to meet with contractors, government officials, consultants, and fellow engineers. Professionals gather to share the latest technical information and review actual field reports in the area of hot-mix asphalt construction.

Responding to the stated needs of highway engineers, a planning committee of people actively engaged in the field has created a forum for the dissemination of current technical data and the improvement of highways throughout Illinois.

The conference is specifically designed for people actively involved in asphalt construction: highway engineers; government officials responsible for developing, implementing, enforcing, and evaluating contractor regulations affecting bituminous construction; contractors; consultants; university researchers; and representatives of firms supplying goods and services to the industry.


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