IFSTTAR Research Director Sylvain Lassare Lecture at NTUA, June 2016

Dr. Sylvain Lassarre, Emeritus Research Director  of the French Institute of Science and Technology for Transport, Development and Networks (IFSTTAR) gave an invited lecture titled: “Decision, Knowledge and Science in road safety” which took place with great success on June 24th 2016, at the Amphitheater of Railways and Transport of the Department of Transportation Planning and Engineering of NTUA”.

The content of his Lecture is highlighted below:
– Road safety policy seen as a Road risk regulation regime and a discussion about the concept of safe systems and the role of a vision like Zero vision,
– Relationships between knowledge (scientific ans professional) and policy through the actor-network model applied to road safety field and a discussion about universal laws in road safety,
– Possibilities of a systemic review of risk models in road safety with application to physical vulnerability in cars and effectiveness of seat belt use.
In conclusion, the necessity to take into account the history and the dynamics of progress about the four pilars : vehicle, infrastructure, road-user and organisation, seperately and systemically.

S. Lassarre Abstract & CV  pdf

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