Diploma Thesis Exams, March 2016

The examination of the Diploma Theses of the undergraduate students of the Department of Transportation Planning and Engineering took place with great success on March, 17th, 2016.

The students which defended their theses are as follows:

pdf Alpas Matthew, Willingness to Use Smart Applications for Locating Free Parking Space in Urban Road Networks, (Supervisor: Ε. Vlahogianni).

pdf Kalaitzi Maria, Evaluation of unmannede aerial vehicles for extracting kinematic characteristics from video recordings, (Supervisor: Ε. Vlahogianni).

pdf Koulatzidis Valileios, Game theory implementation to motrobike flow analysis in urban arteries, (Supervisor: Ε. Vlahogianni).

pdf Mantouka Eleni, Willingness to use gamified smartphone airport applications, (Supervisor: Ε. Vlahogianni).

pdf Baferou Konstantina, Factors affecting the aircraft flight path, (Supervisor: V. Psaraki-Kalouptsidis).

pdf Pagonakis Minas, Designing the waterways network, and a method in Greece:application of the method in the region of Crete, (Supervisor: Α. Ballis).

pdf Rapti Vasileia, The effects of low cost carriers on touristic air travel demand, (Supervisor: V. Psaraki-Kalouptsidis).