Diploma Thesis Exams, March 2015

The examination of the Diploma Theses of the undergraduate students of the Department of Transportation Planning and Engineering took place with great success on March, 20th, 2015.

The students which defended their theses are as follows:

pdf  Kalogeraki, Marianna: Development of a software application for the design of spiral roundabouts (Supervisor: A. Loizos)

pdf  Robotis, Nikolaos: Analysis of driving risk indicators for two-lane highways (Supervisor: Ε. Vlahogianni).

pdf  Reitzopoulou, Olga: Investigation of the impact of vehicle collision type on the severity of road accidents in Greece (Supervisor: G. Yannis).

pdf  Vraka, Natalia: Feasibility Analysis for the installation of pedestrian bridges in central arterial roads of Athens (Supervisor: G. Yannis)