University of Massachusetts Assistant Professor Eleni Christofa Lecture at NTUA, December 2015

Dr. Eleni Christofa, NTUA Alumni and Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UMass Amherst gave a Lecture on December 14th, 2015 at the Railways Amphitheater of the Department of Transportation Planning and Engineering of NTUA titled: “Signal control strategies for improved person mobility and air quality in multimodal transportation systems”.

Her presentation is highlighted below:

A big challenge that cities are facing is that they have to improve air quality while at the same time maintain efficient and reliable traffic operations for travelers using all modes of transportation. Increasing capacity by building new infrastructure is not always feasible due to financial or spatial limitations. Traffic management strategies that can be implemented with existing infrastructure are a promising solution to addressing both mobility and air quality concerns. Signal systems that are widely available in urban areas can be utilized to achieve more efficient traffic operations for all travelers and reduce vehicle pollutant emissions. This presentation was focused on the development and evaluation of two real‐time signal control systems, one that minimizes total person delay and a second one that minimizes total emissions for both cars and buses. For the evaluation of these systems, data from the intersection of Mesogion and Katechaki Avenues located in Athens, Greece are used. The evaluation is performed through deterministic arrival tests under the assumption of perfect information of vehicle arrival demand and times as well as through stochastic arrival tests in a microsimulation environment.

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