Styliani Papagianni
PhD Candidate
Traffic Engineering Laboratory

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Stella Papagianni is currently a PhD candidate at the Department of Transportation Planning and Engineering within the School of Civil Engineering, National Technical University of Athens. She holds an MSc in Transport, awarded in 2003, from Imperial College London – University College London and a diploma in Civil Engineering from NTUA, from which she graduated in 2002 following the specialisation cycle of transportation engineering.

Her current research focuses on the network design problem with emphasis placed upon on-road public transport. Her research interests also include the application of metaheuristics as optimisation techniques and Intelligent Transport Systems. The current working title of her thesis is “Impacts on the Demand for On-Road Public Transport as a result of Urban Network Design Optimisation”.

Her past professional experience includes working from 2003 to 2007 for consultancies specialising in the field of transport in the United Kingdom. As a London-based senior consultant for Jacobs Consultancy, her key experience included project appraisal, congestion charging studies (Central London Congestion Charging Scheme and Western Extension), transport demand and network modelling, designing methods to present transport model results by combining various outputs. As a graduate traffic engineer/ transport planner for Colin Buchanan & Partners, she was involved in reviewing the London Cycle Network by redesigning elements failing to meet standards, recommending facilities to improve safety and enhance cyclists’ progression. Since joining the Athens Urban Transport Organisation (OASA) in 2008 and its Strategic Planning Department, Stella has been heavily involved in the tendering process of two major ITS projects for the public transport system in Athens, namely the Integrated System for Passenger Information and Fleet Management and the Automated Fare Collection System, as a member of the procurement team. Her responsibilities also included working with OASA strategic model and redesigning of bus routes in the Municipality of Peristeri.