Panagiotis Fafoutellis

PhD Candidate
Traffic Engineering Laboratory

off: room 04, 1st floor, Materials Building, NTUA Campus
tel: (+30) 210.772.1289


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Panagiotis Fafoutellis is a PhD Candidate and researcher at the Laboratory of Traffic Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). He holds a diploma in Civil and Transportation Engineering and a second one in Electrical and Computer Engineering, both from the NTUA. His research interests include application of Deep Learning techniques and advanced Machine Learning methods in Transport Modeling, Traffic Forecasting and Management, and Intelligent Transportation Systems. He has published more than 10 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals and international conferences, as well as 2 diploma theses, and serves as a reviewer in 3 scientific journals.

He is pursuing his doctoral dissertation entitled “Contributing to the development of spatiotemporal models for traffic forecasting in urban road networks” under the supervision of Associate Professor Mrs. Eleni Vlahogianni.