George Malerdos
Former Special Scientist
Pavement Engineering Laboratory

Dr George Malerdos, former Special Scientist in the Department Transportation Planning and  Engineering of the School of Civil Engineering a the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). Diploma Civil Engineering NTUA and diploma Surveying Engineering NTUA. Holder of the «Docteur Ingénieur» of France University of Bordeaux I, with «très honorable». He taught, for 20 years, the I and II Road Construction courses, in the 5th  and 6th semesters of Civil Engineering.

He has participated, with presentations in many one-day, two-day and pan-Hellenic   Conferences, of the «Geometric Design of Roads». Member of commitees, competitions and examination in «Profession Test» exams on Road Contraction.

He has been involved 51 years as an engineer consultant in the Geometric Design of large  in road arteries (intercity, urban roads and highways), promoting new modern perceptions in road construction. He has also effectively curried out great number of Land Surveying (geodetical, cadastral surveys, etc).