Fotis Mertzanis defended his PhD thesis on Stopping Sight Distance, October 2015

Fotis Mertzanis has successfully defended his PhD thesis titled: “Contribution to the Investigation of Stopping Sight Distance in three-dimensional space”. This PhD thesis was carried out at the Department of Transportation, Planning and Engineering at the School of Civil Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens under the supervision of Emeritius Professor C. Abacoumkin.

The objective of the PhD thesis has been the development of a methodology for SSD adequacy investigation, considering concurrently the factors which impact a road’s provided safety, namely the road geometry, the vehicle and the user – driver.

The proposed methodology includes considering the involved parameters in three-dimensional space and the identification of areas where the sightline between the driver’s eyes and an obstacle is interrupted by an obstacle which is positioned in such way so that the road’s security is compromised.

The approach of SSD problem is made in the three-dimensional space, in the sense that both the road and its environment are treated as a whole, as opposed to the usual practice of SSD analysis.

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