Diploma theses exams, July 2022

The examination of the Diploma Theses of the undergraduate students of the Department of Transportation Planning and Engineering for the examination period of July 2022 took place with grate success on Thursday July 14th 2022 and Friday July 15th 2022 via a teleconference using the application Cisco Webex (https://www.webex.com/).

 Tsourapa Maria Zoi, Investigation of correlations between stuctural and surface condition indicators for flexible pavements, (Supervisor C. Plati).
 Syrgkani Maria, Development of a methodology for estimating freight transport flows at national level by sea, rail, and road Thesis, (Supervisor E. Vlahogianni).
 Roussou Styliani, Cost benefit and acceptance analysis of reducing speed limits in Athens to 30km/h,  (Supervisor G. Yannis).
 Papadopoulos Nikolaos, Comparative analysis of basic socioeconomic indicators effect on road crashes in Greek Regions, (Supervisor G. Yannis).
 Ntontis Alexandros, Critical factors of pedestrians’ selfdeclared behaviour and safety in Greece, (Supervisor G. Yannis).
 Davou Evangelia, Study of the properties of flexible pavement drainage layer with emphasis on its permeability, (Supervisor C. Plati).
 Bairamis Stavros, Accessibility Analysis of Intercity Bus Line Network, (Supervisor A. Ballis).
 Mouzakis Polykarpos Alexandros, Comparative Evaluation of Marshall and Superpave Asphalt Mix Design Methods, (Supervisor C. Plati).
 Kyriakopoulos Ioannis, Development of a model for locating e-scooter chargers, (Supervisor K. Kepaptsoglou).
 Krouskos Spyridon, Analysis of speeding characteristics in Greece, (Supervisor G. Yannis).
 Kotofolos Panagiotis, Analysis of maritime trade between Mediterranean countries using panel data, (Supervisor E. Vlahogianni).
 Kamvoussioras Hector, Detection of dangerous driver behavior with widescale data from smart recording systems and machine learning techniques, (Supervisor G. Yannis).
 Arvaniti Eirini, Investigation of grain production, consumption and transportation between the regional units of the country, (Supervisor E. Vlahogianni).