Blue Lab teleconference – February 9th 2021

On January 19, an informative teleconference was held between an executive of the Blue Lab and members of our Department. Blue Lab ( is a center that cultivates the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship welcoming young people who wish to develop technological and business skills.

Blue Lab offers young people the opportunity to be trained in the use of its equipment (3D printers, tools for the development of microelectronic systems, etc.), to develop their ideas and to be fully supported for the implementation of business ideas (all these services are offered for free). It is an initiative of Piraeus Municipality and aims to be a springboard for the development of new business schemes, ideas and products using advanced technology, always guided by the Blue Economy.

Students who are interested are encouraged to attend the virtual information day organized on Tuesday, February 9, 2021 (10:00 – 15:00) and especially the second part (after 12:00) when the possibilities of the Blue Lab will be presented. Participation is free by registering at

For more information contact Professor A. Ballis (210.772.1235)

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