Anastasios Dragomanovits
Research Engineer
Traffic Engineering Laboratory


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Anastasios Dragomanovits is a Civil Engineer and Research Associate at the Department of Transportation Planning and Engineering at the School of Civil Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens, as well as a Professional Engineer, involved in Transportation and Hydraulic Projects Design and Consulting. He holds a Civil Engineering Diploma from NTUA majoring in Transportation Engineering (2000). He also is a certified Road Safety Auditor by the Greek Ministry of Transport, according to Directive 2008/96/EC.

He has over 21 years of experience in the Design of Transportation Projects (44 projects) and the Design of Hydraulic & Drainage Projects (34 projects) in Greece, either as a contractor of public works authorities or as a subcontractor of major design or construction firms. Significant experience in conducting Road Safety Audits (11 projects) and in providing Consulting Services (17 projects) to Authorities and private firms in Greece and worldwide. Involvement in Traffic Studies (7 projects) and in Topographic Surveys and Cadastral Studies (2 projects). He is enlisted in the Hellenic Registry of Public Works Designers, in the fields of Transportation Studies (Class: C – highest) and Hydraulic Studies (Class: B).

Ηe has participated in 15 research projects by Greek or European authorities, and he has more than 70 scientific publications (10 papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals).

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